Satisfactory academic progress is evaluated at the end of each semester (Winter Intersession is part of the Fall Semester). Students will be notified by email if satisfactory academic progress has not been met with instructions of next steps.

The Los Angeles Community College District (LACCD) Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) standards are:

  • Maintain a cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA) of 2.0 or higher
  • Successfully complete a minimum of 67% of all units attempted.
    • Entries recorded in the student's academic record as Fail (F), Incomplete (INC), No Pass (NP), Excused Withdrawal (EW) and/or Withdrawal (W) are not considered to be successfully completed and must be 33% or less than the cumulative units attempted.
  • Have attempted less than 150% of the number of units required for your academic program
    • Remedial ESL and other remedial classes classified as "Basic Skills" are excluded from the 150% unit limit when determining attempted units.

If the student is disqualified due to not meeting progress, student may submit a Petition for Reinstatement of Financial Aid form or a Petition for Extension of Financial Aid. There is no retroactive submission of petition forms; therefore, you must apply for Financial Aid and submit all required documentation by the established deadlines.

There are two levels in the petition process at the college for each type of petition (reinstatement or extension).

  1. The first-level petition must be reviewed by a committee. The result of the petition will generally be provided to the student in writing to the student's LACCD email within 30 calendar days. If the first-level petition is denied, the student may submit a second-level petition. The second-level petition form is available in the Financial Aid Office. During peak periods, which are July through September and January through February, the review process may take up to six (6) weeks due to the number of petitions received.
  2. The second-level petition is reviewed by the Financial Aid Administrator or designee. Students will be notified in writing to the student's LACCD email of the result of the petition within 14 calendar days.

An Administrative District Review may be initiated by the student who reasonably believes that the college, state, and/or federal guidelines were applied incorrectly, and therefore, adversely affected the student's financial aid status, rights and privileges. A request for Administrative Review can only be submitted until after denial from the first-level and second-level petitions. An Administrative Review is conducted by a district-appointed administrator. Administrative Reviews must be submitted before the end of the specified semester for which the student is requesting reinstatement or extension of financial aid eligibility.

Satisfactory Academic Progress Brochures (English) and (Spanish), are available for viewing or download as an Adobe Acrobat Portable Document file.

Financial Aid Office


We are servicing students at the Welcome Center, which is located on the 1st floor of the Student Services Building.

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