Student Rights

Students may inquire about the following information at the Financial Aid Office:

  1. Information on all financial assistance available, which includes all federal, state, and institutional financial aid programs.
  2. Disclosure of deadlines for applications of each financial aid program and for any supporting documentation.
  3. The effect of dropping classes on a student's financial aid eligibility.
  4. An explanation of how financial aid eligibility is determined.
  5. If a student feels he/she has special circumstances or his/her financial aid award does not reflect his/her current situation, a consideration for review may be requested.
  6. An explanation of a student's financial aid Award Offer, including the portion of financial aid the student receives that must be repaid (loans) and the portion that is grant aid or work-study and does not need to be repaid.
  7. An explanation of the types and term of loans available including interest rates, repayment terms, and conditions of deferment and cancellation.
  8. How the Los Angeles Community College District (LACCD) determines whether students are making Satisfactory Academic Progress and what happens if they are not.

Student Responsibilities

Student must take responsibilities for:

  1. Checking their email at on a regular basis. All official communication will be done through this website.
  2. Submitting all financial aid applications and requested documents by specified deadlines.
  3. Having a valid Social Security Number (SSN) on file in the Admissions & Records Office for the purpose of processing and reporting federal aid and most state aid (this does not apply to California Dream Act applicants).
  4. Enrolling in an eligible program which is defined as a Certificate of Achievement, an associates degree (AS/AA), a two-year academic transfer program that is acceptable for full credit towards a baccalaureate degree. Students must declare an eligible educational goal and major.
  5. Maintaining Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) standards.
  6. Completing all financial aid forms accurately and completely. If this is not done, financial aid could be delayed. Errors must be corrected before any financial aid can be disbursed.
  7. Reading and understanding all financial aid forms and information. We advise students to retain copies of all documents submitted.
  8. Notifying the appropriate entity (college, lender, California Student Aid Commission, US Department of Education, etc) of changes in your name, address, school enrollment status, or transfer to another college.
  9. Dropping or withdrawing from classes for which you are no longer attending and actively participating.
  10. . Repaying financial aid funds if determined to be ineligible to receive funds for any reason (e.g. Return to Title IV, overpayments, over-awards).
  11. Providing accurate information. Intentional misreporting of information on application forms for financial aid is a violation of the law and is considered a criminal offense subject to penalties under the US Criminal Code, and the denial of student's application. Additionally, regulations require that all cases of suspected fraud emanating from misrepresentation be reported to the US Department of Education Office of Inspector General (OIG).


A student who attempts to obtain financial aid by fraudulent means will be suspended from financial aid for unsatisfactory conduct. The college will report such instances to local law enforcement agencies, to the California Student Aid Commission, and to the US Department of Education Office of Inspector General. Restitution of any financial aid received in such manner will be required.

Financial Aid Office


We are servicing students at the Welcome Center, which is located on the 1st floor of the Student Services Building.

Los Angeles Pierce College
6201 Winnetka Avenue
Woodland Hills, CA 91371

Federal School Code: 001226