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STEM Pathway

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math Programs

Area of Study Transfer Degree Degree Certificate Skill Certificate
Anthropology AA-T
Architectural Technology AA C
Biology AS-T
Cloud Computing and Networking for Amazon Web Services C
Cloud Computing Fundamentals for Amazon Web Services C
Cloud, Networking, and Cybersecurity AS
Computer Applications C
Computerized Accounting C
Cybersecurity C
Electronics and Electric Technology: Electronics AS
Electronics: Analog C
Electronics: Communications C
Electronics: Digital C
Engineering AS
Engineering Graphics and Design Technology AS C
General Studies: Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics AA
Geographic Information Systems AA C
Geography AA-T
Geology AS-T
Kinesiology AA-T
Mathematics AS-T AA
Networking Technology C
Numerical Control Programming AS C
Nursing AS
Personal Computer Service Technology C
Physics AS-T
Programming for Business AA C
Programming for Computer Science AS
Routing Technology C
UCTP Chemistry AS-T
UCTP Physics AS-T
Web Development, Programming and Scripting C
Website Development C
Word Processing: Microsoft Word for Windows C