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The Honors Transfer Program (HTP) at Los Angeles Pierce College (LAPC) aspires to prepare, inspire and enable students to achieve their maximum potential and excel in academics, leadership, lifelong learning, service to communities and global awareness.

UCLA TAP Honors Instructions for Application

If you will be certified as an Honors student at Pierce College, please follow these steps in the UC Application, feel free to forward to students.

  • Select UCLA first-choice major and alternate major on UC application
  • Record participation in LA Pierce Honors Transfer Program:
    • Record participation at the following sections of the UC Application
    • “Activities & Awards” -> “Educational Programs” -> “Other”
      • Under “Other” category under the Education Programs, write in LA Pierce Honors Transfer Program and provide a description.
        *It is not recommended to list UCLA Transfer Alliance Program instead of “LA Pierce Honors Transfer Program” for two main reasons: 1) UCLA TAP certification does not occur until after the UC application is submitted and 2) By reporting the LA Pierce Honors Transfer Program, all of the UC campuses an applicant applies to will be able to see that the student participated in an honors curriculum instead of thinking the participation is only targeted to UCLA.
  • Reporting Honors Courses:
    • LA Pierce College honors courses do not appear as Honors Level in the UC Application. It is highly recommended that instead of manually listing an honors course in the application, instead list the regular version of the course that appears in the drop-down menu.
      • If you wish for the UC Application readers to know that certain courses at LAPC were taken as Honors, you can report these courses in the “Additional Comments” section of the application- either in the “Additional Comments” section of the Academic History portion, or in the “Additional Comments” section at the very end of the UC application. You can make a brief statement saying, “I would like the readers to know that the following courses listed in my application were completed at the Honors Level through the LA Pierce Honors Transfer Program”
  • Be sure to follow up with Honors Program and look out for critical emails regarding your next steps to receive UCLA Transfer Alliance Program certification.
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Winter 2022 Schedule

Course Number & Name Units Format Days & Times Instructor & Class Number
Communication Studies 151:        
Small Group Communication Section: 11957 3 Asynchronous N/A Davoodian & TBA
Child Development 1:        
Child Growth and Development Section: TBA 3 Asynchronous N/A Longmore & TBA

Spring 2022 Schedule

Course Number & Name Units Format Days & Times Instructor & Class Number IGETC Area
Introducation To Biology
4 Synchronous N/A Guzman 5B, 5C
CHICANO 008: The Mexican-American In The History Of The United States II 3 In-Person M/W - 9:35-11am Rovero 3B, 4C
CINEMA 107: Understanding Motion Pictures 3 Asynchronous N/A Favre 3A, C1
Interpersonal Communication
3 Asynchronous N/A Davoodian 4
ECON 001:
Principles of Economics
3 In-Person T/Th - 9:35-11am Campbell 4B
Composition And Critical Thinking
3 In-Person T/Th - 12:45-2:10pm Duffy 1B
French Civilization
3 Asynchronous N/A Pra 3B
HISTORY 42: The Role Of Women In The History Of The U.S. 3 In-Person M/W - 11:10am- 12:35pm Carlone-Mooslin 3B, 4
MUSIC 111: Music Appreciation I 3 Asynchronous N/A Brewer 3A
PHILOSOPHY 005: Critical Thinking and Composition 3 Asynchronous N/A McQuitty 1B
PHILOSOPHY 020: Ethics 3 Synchronous WED 6:50-10pm Gillis 3B
SOCIOLOGY 001: Introducation to Sociology 3 Asynchronous N/A Hoshiar 4J
General Psychology
3 In-Person T/Th 11:10am-12:35pm Snow 4I
STATISTICS 101 Statistics For The Social Sciences 4 Asynchronous N/A Moses 2A

Learn More and Apply

Learn more about the advantages of joining the Los Angeles Pierce College Honors Transfer Program or complete the Online Application.

HTP Mission

The mission of the Honors Transfer Program at LAPC is to recruit and empower academically talented and highly motivated students from diverse backgrounds through an academically enriched and intellectually stimulating learning environment.

Our values are the system of ethics we employ in all HTP activities:

  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Excellence
  • Personal Accountability
  • Social Responsibility
  • Global Citizenship
  • Diversity and Inclusion
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Los Angeles Pierce College Honors Transfer Program

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