The Honors Transfer Program (HTP) at Los Angeles Pierce College (LAPC) supports students of all majors in achieving their maximum potential in academics, leadership, lifelong learning, service to communities, and global awareness. 
We welcome and serve students of all religions, ethnicities, sexual orientations, nationalities, gender identities, disability status, and economic backgrounds.

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Summer 2023 Schedule

Course Number & Name Units Format Days & Times Instructor & Class Number IGETC Area

COMM 001:
Public Speaking (Section 13904)


Asynchronous, Online

Summer A Shanley 1C

GEOG 001:: Physical Geography (Section 13734)

3 Asynchronous, Online Summer B Finley 5A

HISTORY 052: Women's History (Section 13267)


Asynchronous Online


N/A Jones 4

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