Our Vision

Support student success through better health and wellness.

Our Mission

The health center strives to improve the quality of life of our students through medical and mental wellbeing services and health education to support their academic success and personal development.

Welcome to the Student Health Center

In person and telehealth care (Phone/Zoom) available for currently enrolled students

Our goal is to support you in your academic journey by providing student-centered medical care, mental health counseling, and valuable wellness resources. All services are confidential.

Access the Pierce College Student Health Portal

LAPC Wellness Central

Student Talking Outside of Building

LAPC Wellness Central is a free health and wellness resource created especially for Los Angeles Pierce College students. This resource is here for you to access in your space at your pace!

LAPC Wellness Central

If you are experiencing a life threatening emergency while on campus, call 4311 from any campus phone or (818) 719-6450 from your cellular phone to reach the Campus Sheriff. If you are off-campus, dial 911.

Emergency and Crisis Assistance

  • To report an emergency, notify the Campus Sheriff at extension 4311 or 6450 from any campus phone.
  • The direct line to the Campus Sheriff is (818) 719-6450. Please do not call 911 directly. The College Sheriff will contact, meet and escort responding 911 units to the appropriate location.
  • Blue Emergency Phones are available throughout the campus.

Psychological Assistance

On-campus personal counseling, crisis intervention, and referrals are available. Call the Student Health Center at extension 4270 or (818) 710-4270 or the Campus Sheriff at (818) 719-6450.

First Aid

  • If a student has been injured on campus and is able to walk to the Health Center, the Health Center staff will be happy to evaluate and treat the injury.
  • If a student is injured or becomes ill while on campus and is not able to come to the Health Center, the Campus Sheriff will respond to the student's location and will transport to the Health Center.

The Student Health Center is not open on weekends and holidays. There is no on-call service available. Services are available only when classes are in session to currently enrolled students. Appointments are recommended to see all providers and required to see the Psychologist. Walk-ins will be seen as the providers' schedules permit.

Family Pact Logo

The Student Health Center is now an official California Family PACT Provider.

We are able to provide free Family Planning and STI Services to qualified students.

All registered students, regardless of insurance, are eligible for the same no cost or low cost health care. Pierce College doesnot require vaccinations to enroll; however, some programs may require certain immunizations.

Confidentiality Statement

All medical and personal counseling records are confidential with legal restraints. Our records are NOT part of the student's academic records. Information will not be released without the student's consent. For more information, please review the Student Health Center's Privacy Act.

Treatment of Minors

The State of California requires parental consent prior to treatment of minors, that is under the age of eighteen. There are certain situations where parental consent is not required. Please call for a confidential consultation regarding a particular issue. When parental consent is required, please download a copy of the Patient General Consent form, available as an Adobe Acrobat Portable Document format file (PDF), and have a parent or guardian sign where appropriate.

Service Area Outcomes

  • The Health Center will be utilized by students.
  • Students will utilize free psychological services, if needed.
  • Students will exhibit knowledge of behaviors that support good health, identify obstacles and challenges to achieving optimal health and devise strategies to pursue a healthy lifestyle through the following learning outcomes assessed after classroom presentations covering a variety of health related topics:
    • What is one thing you learned from the presentation?
    • What is one thing you would do differently because of the presentation?
    • Is there anything you would change about the presentation?
  • Students will experience a private and secure facility for health services.

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Mondays to Thursdays: 9:00AM - 7:00PM
Fridays: 8:30AM - 4:00PM
Weekend Closed

2nd Flr., Student Services Bldg.
6201 Winnetka Ave, PMB 345
Woodland Hills, CA 91371

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