Graduation 2023




The submission dates for graduation and transfer certification are as follows: 

Spring: October 1, 2023 - June 3, 2024 *

Summer: February 5, 2024 - August 25, 2024

*Deadline to participate in graduation ceremony is April 15, 2024

  • Ensure you have submitted official transcripts and relevant test scores from all institutions attended to the Admissions and Records Office. Note that all transcripts from other schools must be mailed/emailed directly to Pierce Admissions. Hand carried transcripts will not be accepted.
  • To submit a Graduation Petition, please log in to your student portal, under academics, and submit a graduation petition. We encourage that students see a counselor prior to submitting a graduation petition.  Graduation Petition Instructions
  • Link to schedule a virtual meeting with a counselor 
    • Express counseling is not available for Graduation Petitions.

ADT- Associate Degree for Transfer Students

  • ADT- Associate Degree for Transfer students, your degree carries with it benefits at the CSU campuses. In order for the ADT to be considered in the admissions process when you apply to transfer, you must submit a graduation petition with your Pierce Counselor or through your Student Portal by the following dates: 
  • Fall 2024 Transfers, completing their degree in Spring 2024: Petition October 1, 2023-March 1, 2024 
  • CSU Transfer Applicants should refer to the Verifying ADT Status for Transfer Applicants section in the Cal State Apply Help Center for information on the verification process.​
  • Please note that ADT includes both AA-T & AS-T degrees.

IGETC or CSU GE Transfer Certification

  • Submit your petition for certification the same semester you apply to transfer
  • Once approved, your certification will appear on your transcript 
  • Order official transcript to be sent to your University, after the certification is posted

For additional resources visit our Transfer Center: 

  • Graduation evaluations begin after final grades have posted for the term you will complete your graduation requirements 
  • Transcripts: Once the Admissions & Records Office has verified you completed all degree/certificate requirements, your official LACCD transcripts will be updated with the degree/certificate you completed. 
  • Diplomas: Will be mailed to you after evaluations have been completed: 
    • Spring/Summer: November
    • Fall/Winter: June
  • Only one diploma will be provided to you at no cost. If you graduated with more than one degree/certificate, you will receive a separate diploma for each award. It will also state if you graduated with honors.
  • Duplicate Diplomas: Duplicate diplomas may be ordered through Parchment Diploma Services at a cost of $10 each.

  • College/University transcripts: Must be sent directly to Pierce College Admissions & Records Office.
  • AP/CLEP/IB test scores: Must be sent directly from the issuing agency. (ie. College Board)
  • Please check your LACCD student email regularly. We will email you when we have received and processed your transcript.
  • Official transcripts are only needed for graduation purposes. If you are not planning to graduate from Los Angeles Pierce College, please do not send transcripts. The "to do" item related to transcripts do not prevent you from enrolling in classes.
  • If you need to clear a prerequisite, please contact the Counseling Department.


  • Winter/Spring/Summer 2023 Graduate Diplomas/Certificates: Issued by Parchment Diploma Services, November 2023
  • Fall 2022 Graduate Diplomas/Certificates: Issued by Parchment Diploma Services, September 2023
  • Spring/Summer 2022 Graduate Diplomas/Certificates: Mailed June 2, 2023 
  • Fall 2021 Graduate Diplomas/Certificates: Mailed February 2, 2023 
  • Fall 2019 - Summer 2021: Mailed
  • Summer 2019 and Prior: Issued

Duplicate Diploma Request

Please complete the Duplicate Diploma Request for awards issued Summer 2023 and prior. Requests for awards not yet issued will be cancelled. 

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Office Hours

Please see Welcome Center Hours - Welcome Center is located on the 1st floor, Student Services Building

Graduation Office 

Pierce College Graduation Office
6201 Winnetka Avenue, PMB #319
Woodland Hills, CA 91371