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  1. Who qualifies as a veteran?
  2. What Documents are needed and where do I get them?

What are my Military Educational Benefits:

  1. What is Chapter 31 (VocRehab) and who qualifies?
  2. What is Chapter 33 (GI Bill) and who qualifies?
  3. What is Chapter 35 (Dependent Education Benefit) and who qualifies?
  4. What is Chapter 36 and who qualifies?

Military training equivalence:

Do my military training transfer t college credit?

Housing or Food insecurity:

  1. What is the VA hosing program for Veterans?
  2. What are internal resources for food insecurity?
  3. What are other housing resources for veterans?
  4. Where can I get resources for my family for food insecurity?

Physical and Mental Health wellness:

  1. What are my options for health care?
  2. What are the resources for Veteran dependents mental health wellness?
  3. What are options for my family?

Contact: Charles Johnson, Pierce College VRC

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