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The Dream Resource Center (DRC) at Los Angeles Pierce College supports undocumented students throughout their educational journey. We provide information, resources, and services to ensure our students are equipped with the tools to have a successful college experience.

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  • Los Angeles Pierce College students, faculty, and staff qualify for FREE legal immigration services in the Dream Resource Center from CARECEN College Legal Services!
    • Available services include, general legal consultations, DACA renewal/initial, advance parole, 
      family-based petition consultations, survivors of crime or abuse consultations, green card renewal,  citizenship follow up, and more. In-person appointments are available on Mondays in the Dream Resource Center. Virtual appointments are available as well.
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  • CARECEN College Legal Services Workshops - Spring 2024
  • Date


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    Thurs 2/1 at 2pm


    CARECEN Services across campuses


    Did you know there are free immigration services on your campus? Join us to learn more about how you can benefit!

    Thurs 2/8 at 1pm


    Special Immigrant Juvenile Status


    Join CARECEN to learn about Special Immigrant Juvenile Status (SIJS) and how it may put certain non-citizens under 21 on a pathway to citizenship.


    Tues 2/22 at 12pm

    Advance Parole and Study Abroad

    Learn more about traveling internationally with Advance Parole and studying abroad!

    Wed 3/6 at 4pm

    Naturalization for Green Card Holders (In Spanish)


    Acompañe a CARECEN en esta presentación para aprender sobre cómo un residente permanente legal obtiene su ciudadanía estadounidense a través del proceso de naturalización. Esta presentación fue diseñada para ayudar a residentes permanentes legales (titulares de la "tarjeta verde") y a otras personas interesadas en el proceso de naturalización, se informen sobre el proceso, los requisitos de elegibilidad, los beneficios de naturalizarse y mucho más.


    Tues 3/12 at 12pm


    Know Your Rights & Protection Against Fraud


    Learn more about your immigrant rights, tips for emergency planning, and ways you can protect yourself against fraud

    Mon 3/18 at 4pm

    Family-Based Petitions



    Learn about Family-Based Petitions and how they may put you on a pathway to becoming a U.S. citizen. If you, or someone you know, has a family member that is a U.S. Citizen or Legal Permanent Resident (green card holder), join our presentation to learn more about the steps for a Family-Based Petition.

    Thurs 3/28 at 1pm




    Join CARECEN to learn about Special Immigrant Juvenile Status and how it may put certain non-citizens under 21 on a pathway to citizenship


    Thurs 4/4 at 2pm


    Advance Parole and Domestic Travel


    Want to learn more about traveling as a non-citizen? Join CARECEN to discuss both international and domestic travel!


    Wed 4/10 at 1pm


    Pathways to Citizenship (In Spanish)


    ¡Únase a CARECEN para aprender sobre las formas de alivio migratorio que potencialmente pueden resultar a la ciudadanía estadounidense para aquellos que son indocumentados o tienen DACA!


    Thurs 4/18 at 12pm


    Survivors of Violence



    Join CARECEN to learn about potential immigration relief for individuals who have been the victims of certain crimes in the U.S.

    Wed 4/24 at 1pm

    Hot Topics in Immigration Law


    Dive into some hot topics in Immigration with CARECEN! We will give an overview of topics such as the California Dream Act, getting a California ID or drivers license, public charge issues, and immigration do's and don'ts

    Thurs 5/2 at 3pm




    Join CARECEN to learn about Special Immigrant Juvenile Status and how it may put certain non-citizens under 21 on a pathway to citizenship

    Thurs 5/9 at 2pm

    Marriage Petitions



    Want to learn more about how a US Citizen or Green Card holder can petition for their spouse? Join CARECEN to learn more about the requirements and other important details you should know!


    Tues 5/21 at 12pm


    Advance Parole



    Join CARECEN to learn about international travel through Advance Parole for DACA recipients and TPS holders

    Thurs 6/6 at 12pm

    Immigration and the LGBTQ+ community


    Join CARECEN this Pride Month to discuss how heteronormative criteria in immigration law can affect those in the LGBTQ+ community and learn about campus resources


Dream Resources Center

The DRC offers a number of services and opportunities. Select from the following categories to learn more: Los Angeles Pierce College on Campus Allies

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Office Hours and Location

Mondays – Thursdays 10:00am – 3:30pm (on campus and online) 
Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays: Closed

Student Engagement/ASO Center
LLC Building 5000 (First Floor)


Email: @email
Phone: (818) 712-2692