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New Student Checklist for Undocumented Students

Step 1: Complete all the general new student steps

  1. Apply to Pierce College
  2. Check your email for your student ID number (can take a few days)
  3. Once you have your student ID number, complete your Online Orientation, which can be found on your SIS Portal (If it is your first time signing in, use the First Time Login Guide to help you sign in)
  4. Attend a New Student Counseling Group session with the First-Year Experience Counseling Center

Step 2: Determine whether you have been classified as a non-resident student

  • If you have, you may receive an email that your fees are much higher than expected. To determine if you can be reclassified to CA resident with in-state fees, see if you are eligible for ONE of the following and submit to Admissions and Records.
    • AB 540 (non-resident tuition exemption) - If you have attended school in CA for 3 years or more and have a CA high school diploma or the equivalent (e.g. GED or HiSET)
    • LACCD Non-Resident Tuition Fee Waiver - If you have been physically present in CA for at least one year & one day and are a Foreign Citizen (not a US Citizen) who is legally prohibited from establishing residency in CA. You must also meet the financial assistance requirement and be enrolled in at least one (1) unit. If you qualify for AB 540, do not fill this out.

Step 3: Apply for financial aid

  • If you meet AB 540 criteria, complete the CA Dream Act Application online by the March 2nd priority deadline. Complete this application every year.

Step 4: Connect with the Dream Resource Center for more undocumented resources and to receive help with any of the previous steps.

Step 5: Follow our Instagram page to stay updated and informed - @lapc_dreamers

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