Word Files

Heading Styles help the organization of the content for all students

Tables are very useful for displaying a large amount of data in an organized manner, such as your course schedule, office hours, etc. To make a table accessible for individuals who are blind, have a visual impairment, or a learning disability, provide row and column headers. The text-to-speech software by default will read the information in a table horizontally, cell by cell, row by row.

Excel Files

Making your Image, Audio, and Video Accessible in Canvas

NOTE: All Videos Must be Closed-Captioned and All Audios Must Have a Transcript

Tips for Creating Good Hyperlinks

  • Use meaningful descriptions of what the link is when creating links. The linked text should make sense out of context.
  • Don't use the word "link" in the link description.
  • Avoid describing links with phrases such as "click here," "more information," & "read more."
  • Don't use the URL of the website in the link.

Video Tutorial - Creating Accessible Documents in MS Word by Gaier Dietrich

To alleviate paperwork and time, we are requesting that you use 3C Media to submit your videos to be closed captioned (must upload the videos specifically to their website) to use 3C Media for closed captioning, you can go to: http://www.3cmediasolutions.org