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The purpose of the Student Success & Support Program (SSSP) Plan is for the college to plan and document how SSSP services will be provided to students. The goal of the SSSP is to increase student access and success by providing students with core SSSP services, including orientation, assessment and placement, and counseling, advising and other education planning services and support services necessary to assist them in achieving their educational goal and declared course of study.

More specifically, colleges are to:

  • Provide at least an abbreviated SEP to all entering students with a priority focus on students who enroll to earn degrees, career and technical certificates, transfer preparation, or career advancement.
  • Provide orientation, assessment and placement, and counseling, advising, and other education planning services to all first time students.
  • Provide students with any assistance needed to define their course of study and develop a comprehensive SEP by the end of the third term but no later than completion of 15 units.
  • Provide follow-up services, especially to students identified as at-risk (students enrolled in basic skills courses, students who have not identified an education goal and course of study or students on academic or progress probation).

A first-time student must complete the following 3 core services in order to receive priority for enrollment:

  1. Assessment for math and English course placement
  2. Orientation to college
  3. Counseling New Student Groups for educational planning (Student Education Plans)

Students must also complete the following sometime within their first year at Pierce College:

  • Identify a Career Goal - If you do not have one yet, enroll in a Counseling (formerly Personal Development) class, visit the Career Center or see a counselor in the First Year Experience Center.
  • Identify an Education Goal - (you want an AA or AS Degree; a Certificate from an occupational program (CTE) and/or you want to transfer to a university)
  • Identify a Course of Study or Major - This will determine what is on your Educational Plan.
  • Work with a counselor to complete a Comprehensive Educational Plan when your career and education goal are clear
  • All students at Pierce College are required to complete these activities by the end of 15 degree-applicable units (completed) or the end of the 3rd semesters of attendance. Visit the New Student Programs to find out more information on where to access these services.

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