Bikes Parking

Parking Regulations

The Board of Trustees of the Los Angeles Community College District, in compliance with the laws of California, have established regulations regarding traffic and parking on campus, including, but not limited to, the following:

  1. Any motor vehicle parked at LAPC between the hours of 7:00am to 11:00pm (Mon - Thurs) and 7:00am - 3:00pm (Fri) must display a valid parking permit on the outside of the rear window, lower right hand side. Failure to properly display a valid parking permit will result in the issuance of a citation pursuant to California Vehicle Code (CVC) Section 21113(A).
  2. It is the responsibility of the student/instructor to properly display their permit.
  3. Purchasing a permit does not exempt a student from receiving citations.
  4. Board Rule #7401 “The Board of Trustees or the District will not be responsible for damage, loss of vehicle or its contents unless the District is liable under the Government Codes 810 or 966.6 inclusive.”
  5. Vehicles parked in violation of campus or CVC regulations may be cited and/or towed at owner's expense.
  6. Parking permits may be obtained at the Business Office.
  7. Failure to display a valid permit will result in the issuance of a parking citation (CVC 21113(A)).
  8. Handicapped students are allowed to park in all lots. There are designated handicapped parking stalls in every one of these parking areas. To park in these stalls, vehicle must display a valid handicapped placard, along with a valid parking permit. Any vehicle parked in a handicapped stall without displaying a handicapped placard will be fined (CVC Section 22507.8(A)).
  9. All faculty/staff lots are restricted to Faculty and Staff only. Students are prohibited from parking in these designated lots (excluding handicap students displaying a valid handicap placard).
  10. College fire roads are restricted from vehicle traffic or parking unless authorized by the Sheriff’s Station.
  11. Parking along city streets is subject to regulations of the City of Los Angeles.
  12. Lost, stolen, or damaged permits will not be replaced. Students are responsible for their permits.
  13. Parking on campus is a privilege and permission to park may be revoked at any time.
  16. A VALID PERMIT MUST BE DISPLAYED AT ALL TIMES. Parking permits must be displayed on the rear view mirror, with the front of the permit facing the front of the vehicle.
  17. IF A PERMIT IS FORGOTTEN, LOST OR STOLEN; YOU MAY PURCHASE A TWO ($2.00) DOLLAR DAY PASS FROM THE DAY PASS MACHINE LOCATED IN LOT 7, ROW C. (Day passes must be displayed on the dashboard of the vehicle, date stamp face up and clearly visible.)
  18. Curbs painted red indicate NO PARKING zones. Curbs painted yellow indicated loading and unloading zones for passengers and business deliveries. Curbs painted green indicate special parking or limited time parking. Curbs painted blue indicate handicapped parking and require a DMV placard or a permit obtained by Special Services. Parking in red and yellow zones, loading docks, entrance to buildings and driveways constitutes illegal parking.
  19. No vehicle shall back into a stall. Vehicles must park clearly within marked stall. Failure to do so will constitute illegal parking
  20. The responsibility of finding a legal parking space rests with the motor vehicle operator. LACK OF SPACE IS NOT CONSIDERED A VALID EXCUSE FOR THE VIOLATION OF ANY OF THESE REGULATIONS.
  21. Motorcycles, motor scooters, and motorized bicycles may not be parked in bicycle racks nor may they be driven on sidewalks or pedestrian paths. Motorcycles, motor scooters and motorized bicycles must park in designated motorcycle areas of lot 1.
  22. Always lock your car and set the parking brake. To avoid parking citations students must simply:
  • Properly display a valid permit.Parking permits must be displayed on the rear view mirror, with the front of the permit facing the front of the vehicle
  • Park in the appropriate lot.
  • Legally park in a designated stall.

Traffic Regulations

  1. The maximum speed limit is eight (8) miles per hour on all parking facilities and twenty-five (25) miles per hour on campus roads.
  2. All persons driving a vehicle on the campus are required to comply with the traffic laws of the State of California and the rules and regulations pursuant to Section 21113 (A) of the California Vehicle Code. Violations of any of the regulations set forth below may result in a citation being issued.
  3. Section 21113(A) CVC grants the President of Pierce College authority to regulate and impose special conditions regarding traffic and parking regulations, which include the authority to have vehicles which block traffic flow and pose a safety hazard, or are abandoned with no license, towed away at the owner’s expense.
  4. Vehicles parking in areas designated as tow-away zones will be towed away, no exceptions. Please check fences and curbs for tow-away signs. ALL POSTED CAMPUS, TRAFFIC AND PARKING REGULATIONS WILL BE ENFORCED.
  5. The person in whose name the vehicle is registered will be responsible for any violations involving the vehicle.
  6. Yield the right of way to pedestrians at all times.
  7. Driving or parking a vehicle on pedestrian paths, sidewalks, or safety zones is prohibited. ALL VIOLATORS WILL BE CITED.
  8. Any area on campus that has been closed off by barricades or other traffic control devices shall not be entered by any vehicle.
  9. Motorcycles are not permitted on inner campus roadways.

Citation Appeals

If you need to pay a parking citation use the address listed below. If you have lost your ticket, you may call the 800 number listed below to verify ticket status or you may mail a check with the citation number referenced to:

L.A. Pierce College
Parking Citation Service Center
P.O. Box 958
Torrance, CA 90508-0958
(800) 535-2421

Do not be late paying for your citation or it will become delinquent.

After it becomes delinquent the fine will increase and be turned into the DMV. No payments will be received at the Pierce College Sheriff Station. All payments must be mailed to the citation service center to be processed. All appeals must be submitted to the Pierce College Sheriff’s Station, in the form of an official administrative review form, within 21 days of citation issuance. These forms are available at the Pierce College Sheriff’s Station. No forms or letters mailed to the citation service center will be processed.

Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department, Los Angeles Pierce College Station

Office Location

6201 Winnetka Ave.
Woodland Hills, CA 91371


Phone: (818) 719-6450