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Registration for Summer 2024 Began May 28

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Summer 2024 Reading Enrichment Classes for Children

The Pierce College Aquatic Center is closed until further notice.


Join us on the road to life-long learning!

Pierce Extension offers a wide range of classes for everyone interested in learning. Whether you are a Pierce College student or a community member who wants to learn something new, we have you covered. 

Explore the opportunities of learning: Creating YouTube Channels, Dog Obedience Training, Yoga, Volleyball, Painting. Pierce Extension also offers enrichment classes for children of different ages.

Telephone: (818) 719-6425
Mon to Thu 10am to 4pm
Fri 9am to 1pm

2019 Daily News Readers Best Award

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Auxiliary Programs


Foster and Kinship Care Education (FKCE) classes are open to all Resource (Foster) Parents, Kinship Caregivers, and anyone interested in or working with children in out-of-home care.

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✤ Kid's College

Pierce Extension "Kid's College" hosts a variety of children-focused activities throughout the year. You can find athletics (Soccer, Swimming, Basketball, Gymnastics), STEM Science Camp, Summer Day Camp, Kid focused classes and workshops.

Visit Kid Campus Programs

✤ Workforce Ed

Experts in their fields teach Workforce Education classes. They are offered in addition to Pierce College's instructional credit program, welcoming all to join us on the road to lifelong learning.

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General Information

Visitors please enter at the Winnetka Blvd/Calvert St. entrance. Proceed to the stop sign and turn right into lot 1.
Park in the 30-minute zone and purchase a visitor parking permit from the meter.
Parking on campus without a valid permit is prohibited and may result in a parking citation. It is YOUR responsibility to obtain a parking
For further information please call (818) 719-6425.

  • If a student elects to drop a class or transfer to another class, a request for refund/transfer must be made at least 3 working days prior to the first class or 5 working days prior to computer class unless otherwise specified. THERE WILL BE NO REFUNDS, CREDITS OR TRANSFERS AFTER THIS DATE OR AFTER A CLASS HAS BEGUN. Failure to attend class does not warrant consideration for a refund, credit or transfer.
  • There is a $5, $15 or $25 drop fee OR a $50 non-refundable deposit per person per class when a student elects to drop or transfer to another class.
    $15 - $80 $5 per person
    $81 - $149 $15 per person
    $150 and up $25 per person
    Fun Under the Sun $50 non Refundable Deposit
  • If class is canceled by LAPC Extension, you will be issued a full refund of the registration fee
  • Non receipt of confirmation or class location or change in instrutor, location or teaching methodology does not warrent a refund. Please be sure to contact the office prior to class date/time if you have not received your confirmation or class location

Make all checks & money orders payable to LAPC. We accept DISCOVER, MASTERCARD or VISA only.

The Los Angeles Community College District requires either a California Driver's License Number, California ID Number, or Social Security Number to be written or printed on the check at time of registration. We are not able to accept checks that do not have a name and address printed on them.

A $10 RETURNED CHECK CHARGE is assessed for EACH CHECK returned to the L.A.P.C. Business Office unpaid by the bank for any reason. A STOP PAYMENT ORDER on a check DOES NOT constitute an official withdrawal nor does it relieve the student's financial obligation for a class. PLEASE FOLLOW REFUND POLICY PROCEDURES TO AVOID ADDITIONAL CHARGES.

Because of the large volume of registrations received by this office, we do not confirm fax receipts by phone. However, please be sure to include your phone number on the registration form in the space provided should the office need to contact you for any other reason.

Please fax registrations ONLY once, as sub-sequent faxes cannot always be detected and will result in duplicate processing and charges.

A stamped, self-addressed business-size envelope is required for space confirmation, payment receipt and room location when registering by mail. If you register for a class by fax, mail or telephone and you do not receive a confirmation or the room location the day before your class(es) begin, it is your responsibility to call Pierce College Extension at (818) 719-6425 for that information. Non-receipt of
confirmation does not warrant a refund.

Times, dates, fees, locations, instructors, and methodology for classes are subject to change and DO NOT warrant a refund.

A class may be CANCELLED by the Extension office if fewer than the required minimum numbers of students enroll. Participants will be contacted by phone and refunds will be issued as soon as the original register receipt and charge slip (If applicable) are received. You may transfer to another class in lieu of a refund.

Many Community Services classes are held off-campus. Exact locations will be provided upon registration. If location is critical, please check with our office before registering.

A parking permit is required whenever you park on the Pierce College campus, Monday through Friday. Permits are available in the Community Services Office. It is your responsibility to obtain a permit before you park on the campus. Failure to obtain a permit or to properly display the permit on your vehicle could result in a parking citation.

All persons driving a vehicle onto Pierce College campus are required to comply with the traffic laws of the State of California and the rules & regulations of California Vehicle Code. Violation of laws, rules or regulations may result in a citation

hen registering your child in an extension class, please remember that the youngster must be within the age limits identified for each class. Children will be dropped from class (without refund) if they do not meet the age requirements. Most adult classes have a minimum age requirement of 18.

Disobedient, disruptive or disorderly behavior exhibited by any student or parent of minor student will result in disciplinary action in accordance with District policies and procedures. Action may include, but is not limited to, expulsion from class or permanent expulsion from the Pierce Extension program. Parents of minor children displaying such behavior will be requested to remove their child from class. Pierce College reserves the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason including, but not limited to, violation of LACCD Standards of Conduct as stated in Board Rules 9803 – 8905. There will be no refund for expulsion from class.

In compliance with LA City ordinance LC 6403:LACCD/BR 2419, there are 20 designated smoking areas located on campus. In order for Pierce College to avoid an absolute ban on smoking on campus by the LA City Attorney's Office, smoking on campus is prohibited outside of these designated areas. Violation of this policy may result in a citation and fine.

Bring the items or materials specified in the class description and on your class confirmation. Materials fees will either be included in the registration fee or payable at time of registration. If there is a material or supply list, you can get that from a link on the class description or class confirmation. You can also access the materials list in the "questions" section of our website. Allow enough time to order any required books or pick up required material before your class.