Foster and Kinship Care Education

PIERCE COLLEGE EXTENSION FOSTER & KINSHIP EDUCATION offers Renewal classes that meet all LA County and State requirements. Classes are open to all Resource Parents, Kinship Caregivers, and Interested Parties. 

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Foster and Kinship Care Education (FKCE) classes provide quality education and support opportunities for caregivers of children and youth in out-of-home care enabling these providers to meet the educational, emotional, behavioral and developmental needs of the children in their care.

FKCE classes are open to all Resource (Foster) Parents, Kinship Caregivers and anyone else who is interested in or who works with children in out of home care.

  • Resource Parents are people who care for non-relative children in out of home care. Also known as Foster Parents.
  • Kinship Caregivers are people who care for their relative children, such as grandparents, uncles/aunts, older siblings or those who may not be related, but are considered close friends of the family.
  • Interested Parties may be teachers, day care providers, medical or emergency professionals, potential foster parents, child development majors, or anyone who is interested in foster children, children or care issues.


Children are not permitted at workshops. Childcare is not provided.

Classes qualify for B, D, F or W- Rate renewal hours

FKCE classes satisfy annual renewal hours for Los Angeles County Resource Parents (Foster Parents) that are licensed by the State of California. The rates and required hours are:

B-Rate (Basic Rate) 12 hours
D-Rate (Emotional/Behavior Issues) 18 hours
F-Rate (Medically Fragile) 12 hours
W-Rate (Whole Family Foster Home) 4 hours

Participants will receive certificates at the end of each class

To receive a certificate for class hours in full, participants must arrive by the start of class. Students entering 15 minutes after class begins or leaving class before the end will not receive credit for attendance. Pre-registration is not required for renewal hour classes, however, pre-registration is required for pre-service classes.

All classes meet at Pierce College in North Gym Classroom 5600 unless otherwise specified.

FKCE Student Cartoon Outline

Foster & Kinship
Care Education
(818) 719-6425 Caregivers

DCFS Foster Parent
Recruitment Hotline
(888) 811-1121

Sharon Dalmage, Dean
Academic Affairs & Pierce Extension

Kristina Petrosyan, FKCE Program Asst.


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