Kid running down a hall

Kid's College Options and Programs

Pierce Extenion has a tradition of hosting various classes and programs for kids of all ages. Please take a second to scan our programs and contact us if you need further information.

Summer Camps

Kids Sports Programs

We host sports camps for kids of all ages.


Creativity, Imagination & Individual Development

The enrichment of your child’s life is what Fun Under The Sun is all about. Founded in 1991, kids throughout Southern California now enjoy a full-service recreational day camp located at Los Angeles Pierce College in Woodland Hills. Our activities inspire growth in your child. From an opening circle each morning to arts & crafts, sports, cooking, and drama activities, specialists work with each camper to encourage and guide their development.


Destination Science

Destination Science offers educational  experiences that are fun for kids. We love science and want your children to love it, too. We engage them with activities they enjoy, such as making messes, learning about robots and creating movies. While children have a blast, they also learn concepts such as the scientific method and how to formulate a hypothesis. They’ll have such a good time that they won’t even realize they’re attending an educational program.

Destination Science was founded in 2000 as the the fun summer camp for kids ages 5-11! Our programs emphasize valuable life lessons, such as practicing trustworthiness and developing a caring nature. We hope campers will take these lessons with them well beyond their camp days!