Please make an Education Plan (60 minute) appointment with any counselor at Pierce and request a Comprehensive Education Plan including Honors coursework. You will need to provide the counselor with the list of all schools you intend to apply to for transfer and your major as well as alternate major for UCLA. Instructions for booking an appointment are available on the Counseling Department website.

Newly admitted Honors students must meet with an honors counselor within the first three weeks of being admitted to the program. However, you must have a Comprehensive Education Plan completed by any counselor at Pierce by the end of the term that you were admitted and meet with an Honors counselor.

If you are not able to find an available Honors Transfer Counseling (60 min) appointment within the 3 weeks, make an appointment to meet with ANY counselor for Educational planning for 3 or more semesters of courses (60 min) and request that the Education Plan incorporate Honors courses to complete the Honors Transfer Program.

Please follow the steps below:

To book an Honors Counseling appointment with Shelley Tadaki or Mary Ogtanyan

  1. Click on this link to schedule a counseling appointment at Pierce (you may want to bookmark this for future use).
  2. Select Honors Transfer Counseling as the REASON FOR MEETING.
  3. Under SELECT A MEETING LOCATION - Check the box for Video or Telephone Meeting.
  4. Select the meeting date that works best for you, then select from the time slots available. Please note that honors appointments require 60 min to allow more time in case there are tech issues.

Los Angeles Pierce College Honors Transfer Program

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Office: Alder 1000