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Students can apply at any time during the year. However, once classes start, registration and participation is based on the college's currently posted academic calendar.

Once you begin to take honors classes at LAPC, all of your honors classes must be taken at LAPC. However, if you have taken honors classes elsewhere prior to joining the Honors Program at LAPC, you will receive credit for two of those classes at certification.

AP credits nor classes do not count towards completion of the 15 honors units they must have to get honors certified. However, AP scores do count towards transfer.

Complete an application to the Honors Office as they are reviewed by a case-by-case basis, based on University of California (UC)-transferable coursework and the number of units completed.

Once students are admitted to the Honors Program, it is their responsibility to maintain a cumulative 3.25 GPA, UC-transferable in all college and university coursework attempted. We do not check grades each semester, however, for students admitted on a provisional basis or for those admitted directly from high school, grades will be checked their initial semester in the program.

No. You are given priority consideration to the College of Letters and Science only (excluding Communication Studies). Other colleges at UCLA such as the School of Engineering & Applied Science, Nursing, Arts & Architecture or Theater, Film & Television, do not give priority consideration to students who complete the Honors Program.

Yes. Students can pick any of the majors at UCLA as their primary major and then anything within the College of Letters & Sciences except for selected majors that are restricted, please see UCLA's Alternative Major Policy for TAP. Priority consideration is only given to our applicants when they are applying for a major in the College of Letters & Sciences.

Yes. Only honors-certified students are considered for an alternate major at UCLA. An alternate major is used only if you are not admitted to your first choice major. You are limited to non-impacted majors for your alternate major. For an up-to-date list of restricted majors, please go to the Alternate Major Reviews, Transfer Alliance Program web page. In addition, you are also responsible for completing the major prep requirements as determined by the information at ASSIST, the official repository of articulation for California's public colleges and universities.

UCLA will not allow major changes to impacted majors such as Biology, Business, Economics, Political Science or Psychology. You can only be admitted to these majors at the time of application. For other universities, check with an Admissions Representative.

A double major is different than an alternate major. A double major means that you major in two different majors, whereas an alternate is a backup major if you are not admitted to your first choice major. You can not apply as a double major at the point of application. You may be able to double major once you are admitted to the University and apply to the second major of choice.

While completion of major requirements and IGETC are not required to be honors certified, it is highly recommended and encouraged in order to be considered a competitive applicant for admissions to majors within the UCLA College of Letters and Sciences.

UCLA considers the TAP Certification, while reviewing students' applications, therefore, it is important that you become certified the year that you apply. Honors certification will begin in late January through approximately mid-February. During this process, your honors coursework will be reviewed and reported directly to UCLA. We will certify you based on completed work, work-in-progress, and work planned for spring. Courses planned for summer will not count toward honors certification. The notation that you are Honors Program Certified will not be made until your final spring grades are posted and all coursework is verified.

IGETC or CSU certification is highly recommended and is done through the graduation office.

Transfer Alliance Program(TAP) is for Honors students who apply to UCLA. All Honors students are automatically part of TAP, and completing the Honors Program doubles your chances of admission to UCLA. TAG (Transfer Admission Guarantee) is a contract between you and a specific university. You may use the TAG Program to guarantee admission to that university,

Yes. Refer to the The Honors Transfer Council of California web site.

One of the benefits of the Honors Transfer Program is that class size is limited to approximately 30 students so classes do fill quickly! In the intersessions (summer or winter) typically only one or two Honors sections are offered so there are many students trying to get a seat in those classes.
The SIS enrollment system will not allow wait-lists for honors courses. You can email the instructor and politely ask if they will be adding more students for that particular course. In addition, keep checking online to see if a seat becomes available if/when another student decides to drop the course prior to the first day of classes.
Students should always plan for a backup in case they are not able to enroll in an honors course in summer or winter by having on file a Comprehsive Student Education plan. Please make an appointment with a counselor (does not have to be with an Honors counselor) to revise your education plan at least once per semester to account for any changes as needed.

Unfortunately, P/NP grading is not accepted for any honor's courses. All honor's courses are letter graded sections.

Please make a an Education Plan (60 minute) appointment with any counselor at Pierce and request a Comprehensive Education Plan including Honors coursework. You will need to provide the counselor with the list of all schools you intend to apply to for transfer and your major as well as alternate major for UCLA. Instructions for booking an appointment are available on the Counseling Department website.

For spring & summer 2020, we are temporarily waiving the requirement that Honors students must meet with an honors counselor within the first three weeks of being admitted to the program, However, you must have a Comprehensive Education Plan completed by any counselor at Pierce by the end of the term that you were admitted and meet with an Honors counselor in fall 2020.

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