Schedule of Honors Classes

Enrollment in the classes listed afterwards is limited to Honors students only. Courses are tentative and subject to change.

Fall 2022 Honors Schedule

Course Number & Name IGETC Area Units Format Days & Times Instructor Class Number Prerequisite
ADM JUS 001: Intro to Admin of Justice IGETC 4H CSU D8 3 Online TBA Oborn 25575 None
>ANTHRO 101- Human Biological Evolution IGETC 5B CSU B2 3 Online TBA Trager 25555 None
ART 101: Survey of Art History IGETC 3A CSU C1 3 Online TBA Abbamontian 23501 None
CINEMA 107: Understanding Motion Pictures IGETC 3A CSU C1 3 Online TBA Favre 23470 None
COM 101: Public Speaking IGETC 1C CSU A1 3 Face-to-face TuTh 8:00AM - 9:25AM Ersig-Marcus 23406 None
ECON 002: Principles of Macroeconomics IGETC 4B CSU D2 3 Face-to-face or ZOOM MoWe 11:10AM - 12:35PM Marschall 12392 or 24448 MATH 115
ENGLISH 101: College Reading and Composition I IGETC 1A CSU A2 3 Online TBA Bates 16030 English 28 or Appropriate skill level
HISTORY 044: The Mexican American in the History of the US IGETC 3B 4F CSU C2 D3 D6 US-1 3 Face-to-face Tu 3:30PM - 6:40PM Sosa-Riddell 25943 None
PHILOS 001: Intro to Philosophy IGETC 3B CSU C2 3 Online TBA Wood 12838 None
PHILOS 005: Critical Thinking and Composition IGETC 1B CSU A3 3 Online TBA McQuitty 20029 English 101
POL SCI 019: Women in Politics IGETC 4H CSU D US-2 US-3 3 Online TBA Robb 25576 None
SOC 001: Intro to Sociology IGETC 4J CSU D0 3 Online Late Start - Session B TBA Staff 27476 None
SOC 015: Religion and American Society IGETC 4J CSU D0 3 Face-to-face Late Start: Session B Wed 3:30PM - 6:40PM Nicholas 20037 None
STAT 101: Statistics for the Social Sciences IGETC 2A CSU B4 4 Online TBA Moses 24395 MATH 125 or 134

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