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Kinesiology and Health Education

What is Kinesiology?

Ki.ni.si.ol.o.gy Greek Kinesis (1894) “the study of the principles of mechanics and anatomy in relation to human movement.”

The Kinesiology Major

If you are an individual who enjoys physical fitness, sports activity, living and learning about a healthy lifestyle, and working with people (young and old), then Kinesiology is the discipline for you.

Ask a Kinesiologist to identify the single most important aspect of their jobs and they will likely tell you they are responsible for helping people of all ages acquire the knowledge, skills, and self-confidence they need to participate in a variety of physical activities while in school and beyond.

Los Angeles Pierce College's Kinesiology curriculum combines courses in health, fitness, wellness, athletics, and sports activities. The Kinesiology curriculum provides general education coursework, specific skills training, and direct experience working with fellow students and young people in a school setting. Students can attend Pierce College for their first two years and then transfer to a public or private college for the remaining two years.

Kinesiology Associate in Arts for Transfer (AA-T) 

Our Mission

The Department of Kinesiology at Pierce College provides students with opportunities to increase their understanding of the human body at work and develop a more complete understanding of how to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle.

Our department prepares students to work as athletic directors, athletic trainers, coaches, personal trainers, physical education teachers, sport managers, to enter physical therapy or medical school, and many other areas.

Our students, faculty and staff are committed to quality teaching and learning, creative activities, and service to the college, local community, and beyond.


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Shilo Nelson, Department Chair
Kinesiology Main Office
Phone: (818) 719-6473