The Los Angeles Pierce College English/ESL Department offers a range of classes, from composition to literature, taught by dedicated faculty with classroom and real-world experience. Each class is designed to help students build the critical thinking, reading, and writing skills they need to succeed — academically, professionally, and personally.

Registering for English Courses

Deciding on what English class is right for you is an important decision. New students should start by scheduling a testing appointment with the Assessment Center. Once your assessment is complete, carefully review the description of the course in which you were placed, and use the schedule of classes to select a class that comfortably fits your schedule for the duration of the semester. We are happy to assist you in making academic choices that will help you achieve your goals.

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LAPC English/ESL Dept.
Phone: (818) 710-2878

Office 2200

Brad Saenz
Dept. Chair
Email: saenzbm@piercecollege.edu

Office 2200

Jamie Ray
ESL Vice-Chair
Email: rayjm@piercecollege.edu

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Mike Urquidez
English Vice-Chair
Email: urquidml@laccd.edu