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History, Philosphy & Sociology

Pierce College is known to produce lovers of philosophy and sociology. Our talented and diverse faculty are experienced in serving the needs of students, frequently sending our talented pupils to prestigious four-year institutions.

Students will learn to utilize their understanding of philosophy and sociology to help achieve their educational, career and personal goals. These goals include an ability by the student to demonstrate proficiency in the identification, recognition, description, and understanding of cultural practices and social structures, analytical thinking and writing, and critical reasoning across subjects.

Whether it is to transfer to a Bachelor’s program, earn general education credits or simply gain a better understanding of history, philosophy or sociology, students walk away with skills that will serve them in multiple facets of their lives. Please, examine the course offerings. If a class you seek is enrolled to capacity, contact the instructor. Only faculty can add students once the semester has begun.

Cara Gillis, PhD
Chair, Philosophy and Sociology Department
Pierce College


The 2020 Odello Scholarship information is up. Please check the requirements and apply if you're eligible.

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Office Information


Department Chair, Philosophy and Sociology
Dr. Cara Gillis PhD
Phone: (818) 710-2256

Faculty Student Advisor for Sociology
Dr. A. James McKeever PhD
Email: @email
Phone: (818) 710-2255

Faculty Student Advisor for Philosophy
Dr. Melanie McQuitty PhD
Phone: (818) 710-3645