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These options give students specific skills in specific technologies and require a minimum of 12 units (4 courses or more).  Many of them can be completed in as little as two semesters and provide a pathway to entry, and some mid-level positions in the computer industry.

These options provide a greater range of skills but have specific focus. We offer associate’s degrees in Programming for Computer Science, Programming for Business, and Computer and Networking Technologies. The associate’s degree in Programming for Computer Science is specifically formatted to help students transfer to either CSUN or UCLA Computer Science programs. While the other two provide broad ranges of skill sets for either programming for business and web environments, network support, and other good-paying jobs.

As mentioned above, our Associate’s Degree in Programming for Computer Science is formatted to help students transfer to CSUN or UCLA (and possible other options).  Additionally many of our courses are accepted by other institutions offering Computer Science, Information Systems, and Information Technology degrees

Professor Sue Krimm (@email) is our department’s advisor and she can help you select courses, certificate, and degree programs specific to your interests and needs.  She is great at helping students navigate the many options we offer.  Please use her email address to start the process of selecting the right path of courses in our department.

Additionally, students who are interested in transferring to a bachelor’s degree program should also research the specific requirements of the school(s) they want to attend and speak with a college counselor to insure they work towards meeting transfer requirements in the most effective manner. 

Questions about classes and programs?

Computer Science and Programming: Sue Krimm, Natalia Grigoriants

Cloud Computing, Server, Cybersecurity, Networking, and Cisco - Luis Celada

Web Development - Natalia Grigoriants


Department Chair
Natalia Grigoriants
Email: @email

Faculty Advisor
Sue Krimm
Email: @email