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Whether your goal is to prepare for a career or update your current Los Angeles Pierce College Adult Education programs will guide you toward your goal. Our free non-credit programs are designed as convenient learning opportunities for the community.

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Career Training Programs

EKG Technician Program

Get the skills needed to work as a EKG Technician. Students will learn and practice the fundamental skills related to operating the electrocardiograph (EKG machine). Topics include: EKG interpretation, medical disease processes, legal aspects of patient contact, the normal anatomy of the chest wall for proper lead placement, 12-lead placement and other EKG practices. Students will practice with EKG equipment.

Medical Assisting

Prepares students with the hands-on skills and knowledge needed for an entry-level career as a medical assistant. Students will learn skills in taking and recording vital signs, exam room preparation, patient data collection, simple dressing changes and other skills required in the field.

Required Courses:

  • VOC ED 372 Fundamentals of MA
  • VOC ED 373 Medical Assisting Front Office
  • VOC ED 374 Computer Usage Skills for the MA
  • VOC ED 375 Medical Assistant Back Office I
  • VOC ED 376 Medical Assistant Back Office II
  • VOC ED 377 Medical Terminology
  • VOC ED 378 Essential Skills in Medical Insurance Billing & Coding for MA
  • VOC ED 379 Basic Life Support and First Aid for MA
  • VOC ED 380 Medical Assistant Work Experience

Geriatric Caregiver Certificate

This non-credit program prepares students to care for elderly adults in their own homes with focus on basic client needs and the skills required to meet those need including the physical, psychological, and social challenges of the elderly person living at home. This program is designed for students pursuing an entry-level career as a caregiver. Topics covered include: nutrition needs of geriatric patients, emergency care, managing a home environment, measuring and recording vital signs, observation and documentation, and more. Upon completion of all program requirements, students will earn a certificate of completion.

Required Courses:

  • VOC ED 370CE Geriatric Home Care Basics
  • VOC ED 371CE Nutrition for Aging Adults
  • VOC ED 379CE Basic Life Support and First Aid for Medical Assistants

Custodial Technician Certificate

This noncredit program prepares students to meet the application requirements for entry-level custodial positions. Topics covered include customer service skills, workplace teamwork, basics of chemical use for cleaning, basics for cleaning restrooms, offices and various floor surfaces, communication, and professionalism. Upon completion of all program requirements, students will earn a certificate of completion.

Required Courses:

  • VOC ED 60CE Custodial Technician Training
  • VOC ED 98CE 30 Ways to Shine as a New Employee

Workplace Success Certificate Program

This noncredit program provides students with critical tools and skills to succeed in the workplace. Students will complete self-assessment and accordingly plan a career, learning current job search practices, resume preparation, interviewing skills, appropriate verbal and nonverbal communication, workplace etiquette, and management of time and stress. Students will increase their likelihood of career success by also putting together immediate and long-term actionable goals. This class will increase students' employability and job opportunities, to help them obtain and retain jobs. Upon completion of all program requirements, students will earn a certificate of completion.

Required Courses:

  • VOC ED 96 Blueprint for Workplace Success
  • VOC ED 98 30 Ways to Shine as New Employee