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Fee Schedule & Estimated Living Expenses

International student applicants are required to pay a one time US$50 non-refundable application processing fee. The fee is payable through the student portal after your application is submitted and processed. All fees below are estimated and subject to change without notice. International students are not eligible for federal financial aid.

Los Angeles Pierce College (LAPC) requires verification of funds per academic year of US$30,000. An academic year is nine (9) months. However, depending on students actual cost of living, additional funds may be required. The amounts listed are the estimated cost students will pay per academic year based on enrollment for two semesters.  Students who will not be paying rent or buying groceries (free room and board) are only required to document $19,000 in available funds.

The time it will take to graduate or complete a program depends on program unit requirement, how many units a student takes per semester, and any prerequisite courses needed. Some Associate Degree and transfer pathway programs may exceed 70 units.

  • 2 + 2 University pathway:        60-70 units to complete program*
  • Associate Degree programs:   60-70 units to complete program*
  • Certificate programs:                12-34 units to complete program*

*Approximate units. For more information about our programs, view the LAPC General Catalog.

LAPC International Student Fee Schedule


Non-Resident Tuition

($342 per unit x 12 units)

$4,104 $8,208

Enrollment Fee

($46 per unit x 12 units)

$552 $1,104

Medical Insurance


$704 $1,408

SEVIS Maintenance


$25 $50

Health Center


$19 $38
Associated Students Organization (ASO) $7 $14
Student Representation $2 $4

Parking Permit

(If applicable)

$20 $40
Books and Supplies $540 $1,080
Living Expenses $8,750 $17,500
TOTAL $14,723 $29,446


Explantion of fees

The non-resident tuition for international students is currently US$342 per unit. Students are required to enroll in a minimum of 12 units each Fall and Spring semester. A minimum of 12 units of non-resident tuition would total US$4,104 for one semester; 24 units for 2 semesters would be US$8,208.

The current enrollment fee is US$46 per unit for all students. International students pay this fee in addition to non-resident tuition. A minimum of 12 units is US$552 and 24 units is US$1,104.

F1 Visa holders are required to pay a SEVIS fee of US$25 per semester.

Medical insurance is required throughout the student's program. Students are required to purchase Los Angeles Community College District (LACCD) group medical insurance upon enrollment. The cost is currently US$704 per semester and is payable to the Los Angeles Pierce College.

All LAPC students are required to pay a Student Center Health Fee of US$19 per semester. By paying this fee, students have access to the Student Health Center which provides limited, low-cost medical services and referrals. International students must purchase LACCD medical insurance in addition to paying the Student Health Center Fee.

A US$2 Student Representation Fee is charged every semester to provide support of student representation in governmental affairs.

ASO membership fee is US$7 per semester.

An LAPC Parking Permit is required to park cars on campus each semester. The cost is US$20 per semester and parking is assigned to student lots. For preferred parking, ASO membership is required.

Textbooks and supplies vary depending on course requirements and are estimated to cost US$1,080 per year.

The Los Angeles Pierce College community is known as an upscale and moderately expensive rental area. While living expenses will vary depending on the student's lifestyle, the student should be prepared to spend approximately US$17,500 per academic year for rent, food, transportation and personal expenses.

The United States Government requires all F1 Students to present certified proof of financial support. Students may not accept employment off-campus without previous authorization from the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service. On-campus employment can be accepted, but positions are extremely limited. Unauthorized employment is sufficient reason to deny students the benefits of their visa status and may initiate deportation proceedings.

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