International Student Services

All applicants will need to complete steps 1 through 8.


Pay the US$50 application fee through the Los Angeles Community College District (LACCD) Student Portal. You will need your LACCD student ID number.

Submit official academic records from high school (secondary school), and all colleges and universities attended. A minimum cumulative 2.0 grade point average (GPA) or equivalent is required.

  • Proof of high school graduation prior to LAPC's program start date is required. Submit either an official transcript that includes official graduation date or a copy of your high school diploma/certificate with your official transcript.
  • If you are still in high school at the time of your application, you will need to submit another set of transcripts upon graduation.
  • If you attended college or university, proof of high school graduation is still required.
  • If transcripts are not in English, attach a certified English translation.

Students who have attended school in the United States:

  • If you attended any colleges or universities in the United States (U.S.), request those institutions mail your official transcripts directly to LAPC. Do not include these transcripts in your application packet. The institution must send the transcripts directly to LAPC.

Submit the Financial Affidavit Form which should be completed by the applicant and the financial sponsor.

  • The name of your sponsor must match the name on the bank verification letter.
  • Check that the form has all the appropriate signatures.
  • If you are supporting yourself, then select "Personal Funds."
  • Applicants who will receive free room and board must have their housing sponsor complete and sign the "Housing Sponsor Food & Lodging" portion of the form.

Submit an original balance verification letter from your bank or financial institution.

  • The name on the bank statement should match the name of the person identified on the Financial Affidavit Form.
  • The bank letter must be dated within the last three months and reflect a minimum balance required under International Student Fee Schedule & Estimated Living Expenses.
  • A certified English translation must accompany the bank letter, if the original document is not in English.

Provide a passport sized photograph; approximately 2 x 2 inches or 51 x 51 mm.

Provide a photocopy of your passport identification page.

Some applicants may need to complete additional steps.

If you are currently studying at a Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS) approved school in the U.S. and wish to transfer to LAPC, you will need to submit:

Complete the top portion and submit it to your current school, so they may complete the bottom portion. You can submit this form with your application packet or your current school may submit it directly to LAPC.

If you will be under the age of 18 when you start your program of study at LAPC, you will need to submit:

  • Items 1 through 8 of the application checklist if you are applying from outside the U.S. If you are currently studying in the U.S. with a valid I-20 and wish to transfer into Pierce, complete checklist items 1 through 9.
  • The Guardian for Minor Statement form.This form is to be completed by your parent and guardian.

Personal statements are required from these applicants only:

  • Students who have already completed an advanced degree such as a Bachelor's Degree or higher
    • Explain your educational goal and why you wish to pursue a degree at a lower level than the one you have completed.
  • Students who do not meet the minimum 2.0 GPA requirement (limited space available)
    • Explain why you were unable to maintain a 2.0 GPA and what steps you will take to maintain your GPA if you are admitted to LAPC.

Please keep your statement brief, 500 words or less. Attach supporting documents if necessary.

How to Submit Your Supplemental Documents

After you submit the online application, the next step is to upload your supplemental documents to the college by the deadline date.

Supplemental documents can be uploaded at this link. Use your Los Angeles Community College district (LACCD) email address (ex. To access the upload link you must have an LACCD student ID number and have activated your LACCD Student Portal.

Documents not properly uploaded or illegible will not be considered, and you may be requested to resubmit them. Please upload and submit all documents in one submission.

Evaluation response time is two weeks from date your submission is received.


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