3-Step Process to Request more than 9 units in the Summer/Winter or 19 units in the Fall/Spring Semesters

  1. See a Counselor
    Student must first see a counselor. No appointment necessary. At this meeting, student will complete a petition requesting to take additional units. The counselor will review the students’ academic record and determine if the student qualifies to take additional units. For Distance Education classes, student can either see a counselor in-person or email onlinecounselling@piercecollege.edu.
  2. See an Instructor
    If approved to take additional units by a counselor, student should go to the first class meeting and request an add permit slip from the instructor. Please note that approval to take additional units by a counselor is NO guarantee that the instructor will give student an add permit slip. Many classes are full so it is up to the instructor to decide who gets an add permit slip. For Distance Education classes, student must email the instructor and request to add their class. In the email request, please include name, student ID #, and section # of class. If the instructor approves request, the instructor will forward email to Admissions Office.
  3. Go to Admissions Office
    During the first week of the term, student takes the signed petition from the counselor AND the add permit slip to the Admissions Office for processing. The Admissions Office will not process any requests prior to the start of the term. For Distance Education classes, student must take the counselor petition to the Admissions Office (in-person or email pierceadmissions@piercecollege.edu) and inform the Admissions Office that the instructor has forwarded an email to the Admissions Office requesting that the student be added to their class.

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Mondays to Thursdays: 8:00AM - 4:00PM
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