What are Prerequisites? 

Prerequisites are specific course(s) or levels of preparation required to complete before enrolling in a course.

Prerequisite clearance is not automatic when you send official transcripts/score report from an institution outside of LAPC to our Admissions & Records Office. 

Prerequisite Clearance Process

To clear a prerequisite(s) you must provide the following documentation:

  • Unofficial or official transcript with your name.
  • In some cases, course descriptions/outlines or syllabus may be required to determine the course equivalency.
  • English courses completed outside of the California Community College District must be submitted with a copy of the course syllabus.
  • If an advance placement (AP) score is used to clear a course, please provide your score report. Only scores of 3, 4, and 5 are acceptable.
  • All prerequisite courses must have been completed with a grade of "C" or better.

When you forward official transcripts or scores to LAPC it does not automatically clear prerequisites nor get evaluated for applicable credits. A transcript evaluation is required for non-LACCD courses. Please make a Counseling Appointment for further assistance. 

Courses requiring Chair approval

The Chemistry Department created a placement tool to help students decide whether they should start with Chemistry 60 or Chemistry 101 at Pierce College.  Please click on the link, enroll in the Canvas Course, and thoroughly read the directions. 

Chemistry Department Chair: Dr. Sara Harvey | @email

Psychology 74 has a prerequisite of Statistics 101. Students who completed Math 227 instead, must email the Psychology Department Chair for clearance. 

Psychology 73 has a prerequisite of Psychology 2. Students who wish to enroll in Psychology 2 (LEC) and Psychology 73 (LAB) concurrently, must email the Psychology Department Chair for clearance. 

Psychology Department Chair: Maria Perser | @email

The English Department has created a placement tool to help students determine the best ESL course for them. After answering the questions on the form, students will receive an email from an ESL faculty member recommending the appropriate ESL course to enroll in. 

English Department Chair: Brad Saenz | @email

ESL Vice-Chair: Jamie Ray | @email

Eligible students who need pre-transfer English and Math must complete the Fall 2024 Request Form to indicate interest in one of the pre-transfer courses. Please review the AB 1705 Guide, describing the policy and student eligibility requirements. 

Assessment Center | @email

Contact Us:

Prerequisites can be cleared during Express Counseling hours and by email, appointments are not required. Have your documents ready to avoid a delay in processing your request.

Email us from your LACCD email account, put in the subject line "Student ID # and LAPC course(s) you intent to take." Please attach a copy of your transcript/score report (unofficial is acceptable) that clearly shows the college name, your name, the course title, the term taken, and the final grade received. A counselor will evaluate if your coursework meets the stated pre- or corequisite of our LAPC course(s) and will clear you accordingly. Expect an email response within 2-3 business days. 

Counseling Department | @email

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