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Transcript Evaluation 

A counselor must evaluate coursework taken outside the LACCD to determine appropriate course recommendations.

You must bring the following to your appointment:

  1. College Transcript 
    • May be an unofficial transcript.
  2. Course Descriptions
    • Descriptions for each college course completed are required.
    • You may copy and paste course descriptions on a Microsoft Word document.
    • Online college catalogs with course descriptions are available on the university/college or departmental websites.
    • Course descriptions are not required for courses completed at California Community Colleges.
  3. Course Syllabus
    • Required for English Composition and Critical Thinking courses completed at non-California community colleges.

Note: Counselors do not evaluate courses for Associate Degree or Certificate major applicability. Your Counselor will provide you with instructions and contact information of the respective Chair if further evaluation is required (Chair Directory).

Students who have completed courses from an accredited university in a foreign country may be able to apply the course credits toward an Associate degree at LAPC.

  • Students should contact one of the approved credential evaluation agencies to evaluate coursework.
  • Request a detailed equivalency report that includes course title, semester units equivalency, and letter grade student earned.
  • Course descriptions provided by approved credential evaluation agency are required for any courses needed for major requirements.

Please note that foreign coursework will NOT satisfy general education requirements for:

  • English Composition
  • U.S. History/Government
  • Transfer GE requirements. The transferability of foreign courses will be determined by the transfer institution

Counselors can review unofficial score reports during a counseling appointment. Students must provide a copy of their score report.

Transcripts can be sent: 

An official score report must be sent by the exam administrator.

Note: Official  college transcripts and scores must be sent from institution to institution to be considered official. Hand-carried college transcripts/scores are not accepted by Admissions and Records.

The TES Database allows students to review previously evaluated courses and their applicability towards LAPC's Associate Degrees for Transfer, Associate Degrees and Certificates. For more information on how to review courses on TES, please review the instructions on the TES Homepage. The information is made available for public use but the database does not take the place of a counselor and proper student advising, please speak with a Counselor for more information. 

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