International Student Services

Pre-Arrival Checklist

Upon admission to LAPC, these are the next steps:

Students Applying From Outside the United States: Apply for F-1 visa
Students Applying From Within the United States with Valid I-20: Transfer I-20
  • If you are currently studying in the U.S. with a valid I-20, request that your school transfer your SEVIS record (I-20 Form) to LAPC. LAPC must have your SEVIS record in order to issue you an I-20 for LAPC. Contact your current school to initiate the SEVIS transfer process.

If you have any questions, please contact our office via Live Chat or email

LAPC Online Orientation

To access the LAPC Online Orientation, log in into your Los Angeles Community College District (LACCD) Student Portal. Then, 

  • Select the "Student Status" tile
  • Select "Orientation"
LAPC International Orientation (In-Person)

In addition to the general Online Orientation, all international students are required to attend an in-person orientation after arrival to the U.S. This orientation will cover information not provided in the LAPC Online Orientation. The date for the International Student Program orientation will be provided to you on your acceptance email. Save the date and plan accordingly.

In your acceptance email, an International Student Contract is included. Review the document, sign it, and then email it to

The virtual "What's Next?" Workshop will provide information on the enrollment process, how to register for classes, and the student health insurance plan. Details on how to register for this workshop are included in your acceptance email.

If you need assistance, please contact our office via Live Chat or email

IMPORTANT: These self-placements tools are designed to help you choose your English and Math classes. They are not tests!  

ESL/English Survey
  • If English is NOT your first language, complete the ESL Self-Placement Survey. Follow the directions for the survey to receive the most accurate placement. The ESL Department will send you an email with your results, and then you can choose your credit-level ESL class. Reply to the ESL Department's email with your choice.
  • If English is your first language, or if you attended secondary school or higher for 2+ years where English was the primary language of instruction, you will complete the English Self-Placement Survey when you meet with a counselor. Do not complete the online ESL Self-Placement Survey.
Math Survey

A Math Self-Placement Survey will be included in your acceptance packet. Email the completed survey to A counselor will review your results with you, and then you can choose a Math class.

Students Who Attended a U.S. Regionally Accredited College

If you completed college level English and Math courses at a U.S. regionally credited college or university, you do not need to take the self-placement surveys. Schedule an appointment to meet with a counselor for transcript review.

Attend a virtual counseling group session. Registration required. This counseling group is designed for new F-1 visa international students who have never attended college in the U.S. for an academic program.* In this group session, you will learn how to choose your classes. The counselor will also review your ESL/English and Math self-placement results with you during a 15-minute one-on-one meeting.

Virtual counseling groups are offered through the Cranium Cafe platform. Before you attend your group session, be sure you have:

  • A reliable internet connection
  • Access to a laptop or desktop computer with a webcam. Smartphones and tablets are NOT recommended for Cranium Cafe.
  • Use Chrome or Firefox as your browser. Safari and Explorer are NOT recommended for Cranium Cafe.

Register for an ISS Counseling Group 

*If you attended college in the U.S. for an academic program, you do not need to attend a counseling group session. Please review your acceptance email for next steps, or contact the ISS Office for assistance. If you attended a U.S. college solely for an English language program, you will need to attend a counseling group session. 

You can view your class registration date in your Los Angeles Community College District (LACCD) Student Portal. You can register for classes on or after your registration date.

To register for classes:

  • Log into your LACCD Student Portal
  • Select the "Manage Classes" tile
  • From "Manage Classes," you can search for classes and add them to your schedule

Register in a minimum of 12 units which is a full-course load. Of those 12 units, 9 units must be in-person or hybrid courses. If you are starting at LAPC during a summer term, register in a minimum of 6 in-person units. 

If you need assistance, please contact our office via Live Chat or email

This electronic form is used to notify LAPC of your F-1 visa status, arrival information, and intent to register. The link to the form will be included in your acceptance email. You can update your responses as needed.

It is important you complete this form so we know you will be attending LAPC. If you need assistance, please contact our office via Live Chat or email

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