The alternative LVN (Licensed Vocational Nurse) to RN (Registered Nurse) program is available to individuals licensed as LVNs in California. Successful completion of prescribed courses provides eligibility to apply for licensure by examination as an RN in the State of California.

However, completion of this program does not meet the requirements for the Associate of Science Degree in Nursing (ADN). Students completing this program will not be a graduate of the college's nursing program and cannot receive the program's nursing pin. Additionally, several states in the United States will not recognize persons completing this option as being an RN, even though they have successfully completed the NCLEX-RN examination. The licensure resulting from completion of this option cannot be changed at a later date.

  1. Admission is dependent on space availability and eligible students are selected by lottery. In order to be eligible for the random lottery pool, the LVN interested in the LVN-30-Unit Option must:

    To receive credit for courses taken at other institutions, course equivalency must be approved through the LAPC Counseling Department. Approved Course Equivalencies for course work not completed at LAPC must be submitted with the application. Foreign transcripts which have been evaluated by a foreign transcript evaluation agency must be approved by the Graduation Department located in the Admissions and Records office.

    1. Receive individual counseling and evaluation by the Los Angeles Pierce College (LAPC) Department of Nursing prior to admission.
    2. Provide proof of current California vocational nurse licensure. (Work experience in an acute care setting for one year as an LVN is strongly recommended.)
    3. Submit official transcripts of required course work. One sealed official transcript must be submitted to the Department of Nursing at LAPC from each college attended, including LAPC.
    4. Complete Physiology 1 and Microbiology 1 or Microbiology 20 with a grade of C or better.
  2. LVN-30-unit Option students who are accepted into the Nursing Program must also enroll in the college to take the prescribed course sequence.
  3. Once LVN-30-unit Option students are accepted into the program, they must:All students are required to provide a criminal record clearance prior to enrollment in the Nursing Program. (Education Code section 66055.9) Currently, Live Scan background check is the screening program. Students shall be denied participation in the program for certain convictions and/or violations. Specific information regarding automatic disqualification may be obtained by contacting the Board of Registered Nursing.
    1. Complete all health requirements. (Must be current for the length of enrollment.)
    2. Purchase professional malpractice insurance. (Must be current for the length of enrollment.)
    3. Present valid Fire Safety and CPR-BCLS cards. (Must be current for the length of enrollment.)
    4. Wear the designated LAPC nursing student uniform.
    5. Download the current LAPC Nursing Student Handbook.
    6. Comply with all college and department regulations.
    7. Enroll in the National Student Nursing Association (NSNA).
    8. Participate in standardized testing.
    9. Undergo a required background check and drug screen.
  4. Counseling is available at the College's Counseling Office. Contact the Counseling Department for office hours and to schedule an appointment at (818) 719-6440 or via email at
  5. Please notify the Department of Nursing of name, address or telephone changes.
  6. Prescribed Course Sequence for the LVN 30-unit Option LVN to RN Program:
Semester Course Number Units
Semester 1 Psychosocial Aspects of Health Care N-408 1 unit
Semester 1 Role Transition to RN (above may be offered as Independent Study) N-442 1 unit
Semester 2 Psychiatric Health Care N-405 4 units
Semester 3 Adult Health Care III N-406 5 units
Semester 4 Adult Health Care IV N-414 5 units
Semester 4 History, Trends & Issues in Nursing N-441 1 unit

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