Pierce College has the most successful two-year Pre-Veterinary Medicine program in the State of California. Students may learn "hands on" (kinesthetically), by listening (auditorily), or by seeing (visually). We are internationally known for our excellence in hands-on training of applicants to graduate schools of veterinary medicine. Our farm laboratory, new teaching hospital, diverse veterinary teaching staff, excellent life science, and chemistry support programs, and our industry mentors have contributed to this success. As of today (May 2022), 334 Pierce alumni have applied and been accepted into graduate schools of veterinary medicine. Our students have been accepted at University of California Davis, Purdue, Tuskegee, Mississippi, Fort Collins, Iowa State, Prince Edwards, Gainesville, Michigan State, Wisconsin, University of Liverpool, Oklahoma State, Guadalajara, Kansas State, Ross University, St. George University, Virginia-Maryland, Oregon State University, Washington State at Pullman, University College at Dublin, University of Illinois, University of Minnesota, Tufts, Cornell, Glasgow, Texas A & M Western University, Universidad Autónoma de Baja California,The Ohio State University, and Murdoch University in Western Australia. You can read some of their stories at our alumni page.

Review our Pre-veterinary handbook.

Pierce's Pre-Veterinary Program includes several animal oriented agriculture classes. Many of these courses are not offered every semester. Please check with me on a regular basis for course offerings, times and requirements.

ANML SC 401 - Introduction to Veterinary Technology
ANML SC 501 - Principles of Animal Science
ANML SC 505 - Animal Nutrition

ANML SC 506 - Urban Farm Animal Health Techniques
ANML SC 511 - Anatomy and Physiology of Animals
ANML SC 512 - Anatomy Laboratory
ANML SC 181 - Veterinary Field Work
ANML SC 120 - Ethical Issues in Using Animals

ANML SC 596 - Animal Enterprise Projects

Pre-veterinary students are expected to become "active" in our school's Veterinary Sciences Club.

If you would like to send a general email to the club officers you may write to them at PVSC.

Please check out the Pierce Veterinary Sciences Club website on Facebook: Pierce College Veterinary Sciences Club. The Veterinary Sciences Club will be hosting trips to the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine for a tour annually. Veterinary Speakers will also be featured during meetings that will explore different facets of veterinary medicine (Equine, Companion Animal, Exotic Animal, Poultry, etc...).

Lu Dao, DVM, Registered Veterinary Technology Program Co-Directors

Rebecca Yates, DVM

Registered Veterinary Technology General Questions and Vet Tech Student Counseling
Angela Killips, RVT (Instructional Assistant and Adjunct Professor)

Lu Dao, DVM, Pre-veterinary Medicine Program Director

Horse/Equine Science Faculty Advisor
Please contact Department Chair for information

Savanah St. Clair Senn, MS, Plant Science, Department Chair
Phone: (818) 710-4250


L.A. Pierce College
6201 Winnetka Ave. Box 1052
Woodland Hills, CA 91371


Dr. Lu Dao, Director
Pre-Veterinary Science Program
Professor of Animal Sciences
Phone: (818) 710-4160

Dr. Leland S. Shapiro, Advisor
Founder of Pre-veterinary Science Program
Fellow, National Academies of Practice