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Lecture 3 hours.
Students will learn about the organization, employment opportunities, and financial performances of the many segments involved in the hospitality industry-food and lodging, resorts, tourism enterprises, attractions, and related operations such as event planning and entertainment. The focus is on orientation to customer service, cultural and economic trends, and career opportunities in the various segments.

Lecture 3 hours.
Students will learn how to analyze and manage food, beverage, labor, and other costs within a hospitality operation. Emphasis is on problem-solving and applying cost-control techniques to maximize profits while managing expenses. Topics include establishing standards, cost-volume-profit-analysis, forecasting, purchasing and storage controls, menu costing and pricing, theft prevention, and labor control.

Lecture 3 hours.
In this course students will become familiar with the nature of hotel front office operations, including the scope of the industry. They will study the relationship of hotels to other kinds of lodging facilities based on size, target markets, and levels of service. Students will identify and describe the various operational departments and staff within a full-service hotel. They will determine room rates based on different strategies such as the Hubbart Formula. Students will conduct a comparative market analysis and develop a plan to improve service and revenue at a selected property.

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