Bob Lyons

Bob Lyons Scoreboard

Bob Lyons has been an invaluable part of the Pierce College community since 1964, when he joined the faculty as a full-time instructor in the Business Administration Department, teaching accounting.

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In his more than 50 years of service, he has donated a tremendous amount of time and effort to the campus and to Pierce College Athletics, both as a coach and Athletic Director. In his career, Lyons has had a positive impact on the local baseball community, coaching hundreds of student athletes.

"I have had a dual career at Pierce and loved every minute of it," said Lyons.

In 1966, Lyons was named Assistant Baseball Coach at Los Angeles City College, a position he held for seven years (while still teaching at Pierce).

From 1975-1982, he was the Head Baseball Coach at Pierce College and returned to the same position 1988-1989. In 1990-1991, he co-coached baseball with current Athletic Director Bob Lofrano.

Lyons served as the Pierce College Athletic Director from 1996 until 2006.

Bob Lyons Score Board

During his tenure as Athletic Director, he started the Women's Soccer team in 2001 and brought back Men's Basketball in 2002. He is also a sponsor for Volunteer Income Tax Assistance, a program for low-income members of the community.

The Bob Lyons Character Award is given to the athlete on each team as chosen by the respective coach based on who shows the most character: leadership, accountability, responsibility. It goes to a player that the coach can depend on to show up and give his or her best. Twelve Bob Lyons Character Awards are given out to student athletes each year at Pierce.

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The Bob Lyons Scoreboard is mounted at the north end of Joe Kelly Field. Lyons was recognized by his peers for his coaching and administrative excellence when he was named into the Pierce College Athletic Hall of Fame in 2010. He was also inducted into the UC Irvine Wall of Fame as an outstanding business instructor at a community college. He retired in 2014.

Few people know that he was the man behind the Brahma bull logo introduced in the early 2000's. The logo, a stylized profile of a Brahma Bull, was originally conceived as the athletics teams icon, but quickly became popular all over campus and even served as the model for the large Brahma statue in the center of campus.

In honor of Bob Lyons' extraordinary dedication and his tireless leadership in the Athletics program and his excellence in coaching and teaching, a resolution that the Pierce College baseball scoreboard be officially named "Bob Lyons Scoreboard" awaits approval by the Los Angeles Community College District Board of Trustees (2016).

The Bob Lyons Scoreboard was celebrated at the college on 4/12/2008 and 5/27/2009 on Joe Kelly Field, under the sign.

Bob Lyons Chattering with a Man