Welcome to the Los Angeles Pierce College Honorees website. Our 426-acre campus in the heart of the city encompasses 19 sites honoring 21 remarkable people whose extraordinary accomplishments over seven decades inspired their peers to commemorate them. On these pages you’ll find out where -- and more importantly, why -- there is a bronze plaque, a sign, sculpture, fountain, courtyard, pool, park, baseball field, athletic court, theater, stadium, garden, weather station and even the entire college bearing someone’s name.

We hope you enjoy learning more about these distinguished employees and friends of Pierce College and visit these designated places on campus.

Doreen Clay, September 2016

Old Photo of the School staff
Old Photo of a Dance Party
Lovely Photo of Two Elders Sharing Their Love As The First Time

People Cutting the Tie in a Opening
 Plaque Dedicated to Gail Hobbs
 Plaque Dedicated to Joe Kelly

Two Men Talking in a Event
People in Swimming Class
Staff Member Speaking of His Recognition

Plaque in Memory of Steven Schofield
Photo of the Campus Sport Camp
Plaque in Memory of Jeffrey Alan Smallwood

Photo of the Botanical Campus Garden
Historical Photo of a Volleyball Match
Old Photo of a Grocery Store

Photo of Three Western Dolls
Photo of Three Staff Memebers
Photo of the Botanical Garden Flowers