Choose Your Summer Classes from Three Sessions at

March 23, 2023


Summer Classes are now posted in three short sessions at L.A. Pierce College. In our schedule model you can choose from hundreds of classes offered in the morning, and get out by noon so you can hit the beach.

Two Sessions begin June 12, and the third on July 17, 2023

    A Session Schedule (June 12 - July 16)
    B Session Schedule (July 17 - August 20)
    8-Week Session Schedule (June 12 - August 6)

For all LAPC Schedules visit:

Continuing Students can begin to register on April 17. Check your email for your registration appointment, or log into Student Information System at SIS -- Log in to Enroll.  New students need to Apply at

Grow into the person you want to be by taking Summer classes at L.A. Pierce College.