"Slalom" - French Film Festival

"Slalom" - French Film Festival

Monday, March 20, 2023

4:00 pm - 6:30 pm Campus Life "Slalom" - French Film Festival

SLALOM (2020) [92 min] Slalom addresses the painful subject of sexual abuse in sports. Followed by a Q&A with Prof. Deborah Hefter and Prof. Susan Armenta, Department of Physical Education. Multicultural Center.

Skiing is the passion of 15-year-old Lyz. She was selected for an elite program designed to create future elite athletes. Under the guidance of her trainer Fred, Lyz's everyday life is characterized by grueling fitness sessions and breathtaking slalom runs. There is tremendous pressure on the shoulders of the ambitious teenager, which she has to cope with almost entirely without family support. As Fred begins to take advantage of the physical proximity of training and pushes boundaries, Lyz is faced with increasingly difficult choices. With a brilliant camera, director Charlène Favier stages a highly topical story about emancipation in the milieu of top-class sport.

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