Chartering a New ASO Club

The Club Chartering Application and Re-Chartering Application for Spring 2024 will be available at the start of Spring 2024 semester.

If chartering your club for the first time this academic year (Fall 2023 to Spring 2024) please use the Club Chartering Application link. 

If you previously chartered your club this academic year (Fall 2023) please use the Club Re-Chartering Application link.

A club is a group of students that organize for a common theme, idea, or goal. In some cases, clubs promote their interests through campus activities, community service, and social events.
The advantages of becoming a chartered campus club are that the organization may:

  • Use the name of the college as part of the organization's name
  • Schedule campus events and participate in ASO sponsored campus events
  • Advertise meetings and events at campus posting locations
  • Obtain seed money to facilitate fundraising efforts
  • Apply for various ASO Funds for Club support
  • Apply for ASO Scholarships (for paid ASO members)

  1. ASO Members: A chartered club is required to have at least 6 paid ASO members.
  2. Club Roster: Your club roster will be need to be initially submitted on your club's chartering application (names, office held, student ID, email, phone). If there are any changes to your club roster, please notify your club council president (email: and Ozzy Portillo (
  3. Constitution: Each club is required to submit a PDF copy of the current Club Constitution. Please email your Club Constitution to Ozzy Portillo at by Friday, March 1, 2024. 
  4. Club Officers: Elect the club’s officers, and enter names and student IDs on the Chartering application. The Club Council Representative is required to attend all Club Council meetings. To be eligible to be an ASO Club Officer, a student must:
    • Be a paid ASO Member ($7 fee which can be paid at the business office or online on the student portal)
    • Be enrolled in at least 5 current units at LAPC for the current semester (Fall/Spring).
    • Have 80 cumulative units or less (can be appealed with over 80 unit exemption form)
    • Have at least 2.0 cumulative GPA
  5. Club Council Representatives & Meetings: Meetings are held on the Second Thursday of every month. Official chartered clubs are not allowed to miss two meetings, as this will lead to an automatic club suspension
  6. ASO Club Rush: Club Rush is an excellent opportunity to promote awareness and recruit members for all clubs on campus. Your club is strongly encouraged to participate.
  7. Notice of Charter Status: Once a club has been successfully chartered, an email will be sent to the Club President and Advisor, via the emails provided in the application. Clubs who are missing information, or those that have not been successfully chartered will be notified.
  8. Club Operations: Clubs may operate during Fall/Spring semesters. No club operations during final exams, summer, or winter terms. Chartering is open in fall/spring semesters.
  9. Chartering Process: All new and previously existing clubs are required to submit the charter to verify continuance of club and confirm changes in officers, meeting dates, or other important updated club information.
  10.  Finance & Fundraising Training: This is mandatory for a representative for each chartered club to attend. Club officers will be notified when this will take place.
  11. Club Accounts: It is the club’s responsibility to open and maintain an ASO account at the LAPC Business Office. Do not solely rely on ASO or the LAPC Business Office to keep track of the club & finances. ASO Clubs are not permitted to have outside bank accounts (LACCD Board Policy 5410). ASO Clubs are governed by LACCD Board Policies and the LAPC ASO Constitution/Bylaws.
  12.  Statement of Club Advisership: This form must be completed/signed and electronically sent to Ozzy Portillo by each club advisor. All advisors must review the Statement of Advisership and agree to the terms. The Statement of Advisership form can be found using the following link:

ASO Clubs

Attention Club Members: If you have questions about the information listed, your Club Advisor or Club President can contact the ASO Club Council President ( The following clubs were chartered during Fall 2023.

To engage in thoughtful discussions on broad topics through open dialogue. The AC Philosophy Club is a community of students from all majors interested in analytic and continental philosophy

Advisor: Christopher Lay
Contact: Nicolette Geoola

To spread awareness of Armenian heritage, culture, tradition, and values. Through academic and social engagement, ASA will bring together diverse backgrounds and communities by finding common ground through past, present, and future experiences. This organization is dedicated to developing student leadership opportunities and striving to unify the community through student enrollment and engagement.

Advisor: Garineh Avakian
Contact: Gregory Rzyan

To use the power and capabilities of art for students to have a safe space to come and discuss daily stresses they may be dealing with, whether it involves school, home, etc. If students don't wish to speak they can come, draw, and listen to students who may be going through similar struggles. This is a non judgmental zone where students have access to art supplies and put emotion on paper and be a support group for the students of Pierce.

Advisor: Angelita Rovero
Contact: Ava Ghashghaei

To share the culture, traditions, and values of the Asian and Pacific Island community with the rest of the campus.

Advisor: Jason Cifra
Contact: Ashley Vicera

To create a safe space that encourages the improvement and growth of all the students within the Pierce College ASL community, both hearing and Deaf.

Advisor: Kristine Hall
Contact: Julia Anderson

To fundraise for the Relay for Life event of the American Cancer Society. Our goal is to fundraise for our own Relay for Life event on campus, and educate others on cancer awareness, and celebrate the lives of those affected

Advisor: Robert Loy
Contact: Kate Decker

To create a community where like-minded students share their passion for business and economics.

Advisor: Kaycea Campbell
Contact: Mursal Mohammadi

To facilitate undergraduate interaction with the chemical sciences academically and professionally. The mission of the Organization shall be consistent with the mission of Los Angeles Pierce College. The mission, activities, and practices of the Organization shall not be in conflict with applicable local, California state, federal laws or Los Angeles Community College District (LACCD) policies and procedures presently in force or hereafter enacted. This organization shall abide by all applicable rules and regulations of the College and under the privileges as granted by the Student Engagement Office. This organization shall also abide by the rules and regulations of the LACCD and the Board of Trustees. Hazing and harassment practices by the organization shall be prohibited.

Advisor: Alia Latif
Contact: Helen Zarayan

To promote individual professional development as educators and learners. In doing so, we will create an overall connection among peers to motivate one another in this career path in child development. We will endorse an active play into our college and community by volunteer services advocating a child’s development. Overall, this enables us to provide a brighter future for the children who will become the leaders of tomorrow.

Advisor: Alma Cortes
Contact: Essbell Pereira Almanza

To increase awareness of environmental issues and provide environmental volunteer opportunities to Los Angeles Pierce College students.

Advisor: Gracejeet Sroya
Contact: Maya Refua

To create a learning environment for Communication majors and those interested in developing communication skills.

Advisor: Robert Loy 
Contact: Jennifer Schimmels 

To be a supporting group of Dance enthusiastic students who promote all styles of movement. To promote creative ways to bring more Dance activities, events and raise funds in supporting Dance. The vision of the Dance Club is one of service to the students, the college, and the Pierce community.

Advisor: Jenny Ghiglia
Contact: Cheyenne Smith

To help aspiring engineers connect with one another at Pierce. Together we'll work on fun projects while using engineering design principles. Let's make something happen!

Advisor: Beth Cheung
Contact: Curtis Manasca

To create a fun, entertaining, but informative place for people who enjoy movies, whether it is in the sense of watching or creating them! We hold many events encouraging fervent yet enthusiastic conversations such as our Film Screenings that we have done every semester for the past few years, which have been open to the public and organized by Film Club members. Along with that, we encourage artistry by holding a Student Film Festival every Fall, doing workshops, speaker events and even making crafts along with our own pieces of media within the club. Last, but most importantly, this is the perfect place to meet like-minded creatives and network!!!

Advisor: Ken Windrum
Contact: Alexis Porter

To promote French language studies at Pierce College and to stimulate interest in Francophone countries and cultures.

Advisor: Dennis Pra
Contact: Ashley Bassirat

To bring new technical workshops, events, resources, and support to women and nonbinary students in the tech field. We are an Independent Pierce College-based chapter of Girls Who Code College Loops, an international nonprofit organization.

Advisor: Farahnaz A. Nezhad
Contact: Nayhan Noor

To create an active community for goal-driven and academically motivated students in the community college transfer process.

Advisor: Erin Hayes
Contact: Betty Borsari

To promote cultures and diversity, by aiming to foster a safe and happy environment that everyone can feel a part of.

Advisor: Abby Watson
Contact: Betty Borsari

To connect and enjoy video games together. Members participate in casual and competitive gaming through regular sessions and tournaments. The club also provides resources for skill improvement and industry updates.

Advisor: Christine Ersig-Marcus
Contact: Julio Alexander Guzman

To create a fun and interactive environment, to learn, practice, and appreciate Japanese culture. It also aspires to create opportunities for students to take part in Japanese cultural events.

Advisor: Yoshiko Takase
Contact: Wyatt Waters


To bring the Pierce College community together brick by brick.

Advisor: Alma Cortes
Contact: Jenna Rodriguez


To maintain unity among students and community members at Pierce College by developing and implementing ways for a better education based on culturally diversity. Overcome, through progressive means, the effect of past and present oppression. To bring cultural awareness and cultural diversity to our Pierce family. Engage in community involvement. Support and grow Chicano Studies curriculum throughout the LACCD.

Advisor: Angelita Rovero
Contact: Alyssa Garcia

To support, enhance, and advocate for the musical education and journey of students at Pierce College. We place emphasis on providing musical opportunities and a welcoming community that always strives to create life changing experiences through the love of music, for all.

Advisor: Garineh Avakian
Contact: Hasti Alamansi

To be a safe space where mental well-being is practiced, a passion for the sciences is explored, and research opportunities are provided. Through collaborative learning and discovery, we strive to provide a supportive and inclusive environment for all members to pursue their interests in neuroscience and related fields.

Advisor: Winn Hyunh
Contact: Aaliya Khan & Nicholas Alvarado

To provide opportunity for the development of leadership and service, for an intellectual climate for exchange of ideas and ideals for lively fellowship for scholars, and for stimulation of interest in continuing academic excellence. PTK is an international honor society promoting service and scholarship

Advisor: Kathleen Oborn
Contact: Gayane Zazyan

To promote, maintain, and recognize scholarship among the students of Los Angeles Pierce College; to encourage participation in student affairs; and to foster service to the chapter, the college and the community.

Advisor: Kaycea Campbell
Contact: Dia James

To build a community for students who are passionate about architecture. In this collaborative space, members will be able to explore career pathways to reach their goals, discuss the latest architecture news and trends, and also get to apply design skills to engaging activities and projects.

Advisor: Patricio Gallegos
Contact: Tashfiah Ahmed

To evoke student engagement and awareness of the Democratic Party on the state, federal, and domestic levels in a safe and positive environment for students of all, but not limited to, Democratic disciplines. As a society, we encourage the reverence and growth of each and every student in the community with knowledge and empowerment, through debate, community outreach, and university transfer assistance, while studying the scopes of the Democratic Party and its principles.

Advisor: Denise Robb
Contact: Marcelo Cabrera

To help students who want to stay in shape or get in shape. The Pierce Running Club could help enhance this experience and you could also make friends with the same interests along the way!

Advisor: Ramiro Garcia
Contact: Ravleen K Maan

To provide an environment where students interested in pursuing a career within the healthcare field can come to share their excitement and enthusiasm. To network and provide valuable information regarding the healthcare field. To support and build valuable skills to help students become successful in their long-term goals.

Advisor: Anson Hsin
Contact: Zaven Gaboyan

To provide students opportunity to learn more about different careers that law has to offer, such as inspiring paralegals, lawyers, judges, and politicians; and providing a safe place where all students can come and ask questions about their civil and constitutional rights.

Advisor: Cameron Brenner
Contact: Mehran Ensan

To help students in exploring the interesting field of psychology!

Advisor: Maria Perser
Contact: Sara Tabakh

To facilitate student engagement in research, promote awareness of systematic inquiries in all academic disciplines, and provide high quality mentored undergraduate research, scholarship, and creative inquiry.

Advisor: Maya Hwang
Contact: Angela Belden

To volunteer time and energy for the community. We will host fundraisers and donations for projects that benefit people in need. The Scholars for the Community Club is excited to bring a positive change to society.

Advisor: Jennifer Moses
Contact: Diane Genabe

To unite South Asian students and celebrate diversity, amplify voices, and empower cultural expression.

Advisor: Jose Abara
Contact: Zarina Sheikh

To create a space for students in all of the bioscience fields to interact and share their passion for the study of life. Students of all majors are welcome as long as they have some interest in biology. This club will facilitate an inclusive and informative atmosphere where semantic knowledge will meet real-world applications, and will also provide professional development and career exploration resources in order to uplift its students and promote academic excellence. Symbiotix aims to provide a platform for community college students in STEM fields to gain confidence in themselves so that they are able to feel secure and welcome in academia.

Advisor: Aron Kamajaya
Contact: Andrew Nguyen

To embrace people with a passion for technology, whether you're a tech enthusiast or a curious novice. To foster a vibrant community that transcends traditional computer science education. We aspire to empower our members to transform their tech passion into tangible, meaningful accomplishments. Together, we explore the limitless possibilities of technology, pushing the boundaries of innovation and creativity.

Advisor: Lee Loveridge
Contact: Yasir White

To promote Blackness, Togetherness, and Excellence. A club where you can be you without judgment.

Advisors: Kalynda Mclean & Lateaira Hockaday
Contact: Xannia Simpson

To offer a safe space and resources to bridge students on campus to our Dream Resource Center.

Advisor: D'arcy Corwin
Contact: Tanveer Sandal

To meet others who have the same interests, learn more about veterinary medicine, learn about the veterinary process, and gain some animal experience. Do you have an interest in animals, veterinary medicine, or want to join a club? If you answered “yes” to any of those questions, then you should consider joining the Pierce College Veterinary Sciences Club! You do not have to be a Pre-Vet or RVT student or have any previous animal experience to join. We would love to meet you and help you grow and learn more about animals and the veterinary field of medicine!

Advisor: Lu Dao
Contact: Jordan Stivers

To build a community and awareness for foster youth.

Advisor: Yvonne Sandoval
Contact: Juana Nolasco


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