Priority List Policy for Admission /Readmission



Admission/readmission of students to the Nurisng Program is based on space availability. Students who are excluded, suspended, fail, or withdraw from one or more courses are not automatically guaranteed readmission.

Priority for placement criteria:

  1. New student selected in accordance with the admission criteria and lottery system.
  2. Licensed Vocational Nurses (LVNs) for LVN-to-RN program or the 30-unit Option selected in accordance with the admission criteria and lottery system.
  3. Foreign Nurse Graduates selected on space availability in the necessary course(s).
  4. Students who previously enrolled in the Program/course and left in good standing.
  5. Students who failed Program/course or withdrew while not in good standing, i.e.:
    1. Unsatisfactory academic performance (failing grades), or,
    2. Unsatisfactory clinical performance (written clinical probation/unsatisfactory expected competencies)
  6. Transfer students depend on space availability:
    1. Students from other programs in good standing
    2. Students from other programs not as evidenced by poor academic and/or clinical performance
  7. No student will be admitted if he or she has been excluded from 2 or more nursing programs due to unsatisfactory performance. These applicants will be directed for career counseling.

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