Foreign Nurse Graduate Policy



The Department of Nursing offers foreign nurse graduates the opportunity to correct a noted deficiency in an area of nursing education permitting eligibility for the NCLEX-RN examination. This program is offered by the college in cooperation with the California Board of Registered Nursing and is dependent on space availability.

  1. The following are requirements for eligibility to enroll as a foreign nurse graduate in the Department of Nursing at Los Angeles Pierce College (LAPC). The foreign nurse graduate must:
    1. Present a copy of an official letter or other document from the California Board of Registered Nursing identifying deficiencies for licensure.
    2. Submit petition via email to the nursing department at
  2. The applicant will be notified of the Admissions/Graduation/Retention Sub-Committee's decision. Upon acceptance into the program the applicant will enroll in the course(s) as directed. The applicant must also enroll in N-442 (Role Transition to RN) and in the college.
  3. Foreign nurse graduate applicants are admitted at the beginning of fall and spring semesters strictly on a space available basis and within the guidelines of the Priority List Policy.
  4. Once foreign nurse graduate applicants are accepted into the program, they must:
    1. Complete all health requirements. (Must be current for the length of enrollment).
    2. Purchase professional malpractice insurance. (Must be current for the length of enrollment).
    3. Present valid Fire Safety and CPR-BCLS cards. (Must be current for the length of enrollment).
    4. Wear the designated LAPC nursing student uniform.
    5. Download the current LAPC Nursing Student Handbook.
    6. Comply with all college and department regulations.
    7. Enroll in the National Student Nursing Association (NSNA).
    8. Participate in standardized testing.
    9. Undergo a required background check and drug screen.
  5. The Department of Nursing will notify the Board of Registered Nursing when the class(es) correcting the deficiency has been successfully completed.
  6. Counseling is available through the Department of Nursing.
  7. Please notify the Department of Nursing of name, address or telephone changes.

Pierce College Nursing Dept.

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