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Los Angeles Pierce College (LAPC) offers lower division engineering courses for students intending to transfer to a baccalaureate program in engineering. The courses currently offered are:

  • Statics, ENG GEN 131
  • Introduction to Engineering, ENG GEN 101
  • Electrical Circuits, ENG GEN 220 (currently offered in the spring semester only)
  • ENG GEN 122, Programming and Problem Solving in MATLAB (currently offered in the fall semester only)
  • ENG GEN 151, Materials of Engineering (currently offered in the summer term only)

Refer to the college catalog for course descriptions.

In addition, some of the Engineering Graphics & Design Technology courses articulate with B.S. degree programs in mechanical and manufacturing engineering. Please consult with a counselor and/or

STEM transfer webpage

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Department Chair
Alex Villalta
Phone: (818) 400-9917

Automotive Service Technology Faculty Advisor
Tom Fortune
Email: @email
Phone: (818) 710-4320

Electronics Faculty Advisor
Fayez Nima
Email: @email
Phone: (818) 710-2224

Engineering Faculty Advisor
Elizabeth Paderi Cheung
Email: @email
Phone: (818) 710-4427

Welding Faculty Advisor
Darlene Thompson
Email: @email
Phone: (818) 710-4304