The Student Engagement website includes information about upcoming workshops, campus programs, and student-led initiatives! It is YOUR time to get involved at LA Pierce College!

The Office of Student Engagement was established to provide an academic framework and campus connection for all LA Pierce College students. The College’s mission statement, which reads: “Pierce College is a student-centered learning institution that offers excellent opportunities for access and success in a diverse college community.” The Office of Student Engagement follows the campus mission by:

  • Introducing students to the LA Pierce College experience and creating a campus culture that promotes academic success, personal development, and leadership opportunities.
  • Providing superior student programming in the areas of peer mentoring, study skill building, and time management.
  • Developing student leaders and dedicating specific programming targeted at creating leadership and service-based opportunities.
  • Providing a safe space on campus for students.
  • Encouraging student-based initiatives that empowers LA Pierce College students to contribute back to both campus and local communities.
  • Fostering relationships with LA Pierce College administration, faculty, and staff on behalf of students.
  • Creating an overall support system and a consistent academic presence for LA Pierce College students from day one through graduation.

Please come by the Student Engagement Center or connect with the staff on Cranium Café to learn more about how to be involved at LA Pierce College!

Associated Student Organization (ASO) Senate

The Associated Student Organization (ASO) - Located in the Library and Learning Crossroads Building, the Student Engagement Center houses the Associated Students Organization (ASO), the student government body of LA Pierce College. ASO serves as the “voice” for LA Pierce College students, and advocates for student-centered policies and procedures. ASO is committed to representing student interests by participating in shared governance. ASO strives to improve student life, and supports diversity initiatives, cultural activities, and service-learning events.

Associated Student Organization (ASO) Clubs

ASO Club Council – ASO Club Council is the second branch of ASO/Student Government and provides chartered student clubs a platform to plan and implement student-based initiatives. The Club Council is comprised of delegates from each club on campus, the Club Council President, and the ASO Advisors. Clubs can be registered by completing a Club Chartering Application - it is a straightforward process to start your OWN ASO CLUB! Please connect with the Student Engagement Team and ASO Club Council President ( to find out more!

Peer2Peer Mentor Program

How to Get Involved – Engage, Empower, and Reach Out!

The Peer 2 Peer Mentor Program matches incoming students with trained Peer Mentors to answer questions, connect to the campus community, and support students in their transition to become successful college students. The P2P program achieves this through specific programming and activities to create a community for first-year students and through one-on-one peer support and relationships.

Peer Mentors are LA Pierce College students who exhibit a commitment to their own academic success and are knowledgeable about campus resources and how to be academically engaged. The P2P Mentor Program’s goals are to improve student self-perception with effective peer to peer relationships; to retain 100% of the first-year students in the Peer 2 Peer Mentoring Program; and to increase students’ self-efficacy through: academic success workshops (proficiency), peer observation (observation), peer support (verbal & physiological) and engagement in “beyond the classroom” activities. Want to be involved in the Peer 2 Peer Program? Here is how! Incoming students who are interested in receiving a Peer Mentor, or to learn more about becoming a Peer Mentor, please come by the Student Engagement Center/ASO.

Dream Resource Center (DRC)

The Dream Resource Center (DRC) at Los Angeles Pierce College provides support to undocumented students, AB 540 students, DACA recipients, and other students on our campus. We are here to help and empower you throughout your educational journey. Our goal is to help you achieve your academic and personal aspirations and feel welcomed in our community.

Brahma Pantry & Basic Needs Program

The Brahma Pantry and Basic Needs Program provides students with access to food, ongoing motivational support and referrals to agencies that are designed to meet students’ basic needs (physical, psychological/emotional, and economic needs). Our goal is to alleviate stressors to help students be successful at the college and beyond!

The program goals are to provide students in need with:

  • Food and housing resources
  • Referrals to campus and community student support programs
  • Case-management support

Veterans Resource Center (VRC)

The Veterans Resource Center (VRC) serves both Veterans and Veteran dependents. Veterans can find out more about available Veteran benefits, military training equivalents, and learn about resources that are Veteran-specific on campus and in the local community. The VRC also provides a space for Veterans to connect and meet with one another to foster a sense of community and to provide support.